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Conscious Creation & Truth – Direct Life Experience Balances Most Karma, Wisdom Only Some Karma

Updated on May 27, 2013

A book's messages don't have to be metaphysically valid for the book to be on best-seller lists. Some modern best-selling metaphysical books are filled with spiritual truth and some are virtually void of it.

Today's popular New Age communications commonly contain heaps of pure inspiration with very low doses of ancient wisdom, perhaps due to our society's penchant for seeking quick-fixes.

Let's face it, "consciously create what you want, the life of your dreams, now!" inspires a lot more book sales than, "you can only consciously create that which is aligned with your higher-self's earthly plan."

Many New Age authors and publishers realize that including the cold, hard realities of life on Earth (karma, dharma, challenging fate, etc.) will hinder book sales. Therefore, the current trend is to market books full of motivational messages such as "you can do it!" "abundance is your birthright," and "rid yourself of your disease easily!" while excluding the spiritual facts of life.

Yes, wisdom can allow you to avoid some karma, but to say that you can erase any type of karma your heart desires is like saying you can turn winter into spring. Spring will arrive whether you "consciously create" it or not. However, if an undesirable circumstance or event is part of fate, no amount of wisdom will blank it out. You can't change the dead of winter into summer no matter how much you pay your guru.

Nonetheless, if you're in a position to avoid exercising your free will in a particular way, wisdom can erase limited amounts of karma.

For instance, a parent exerts her free will to hug her children instead of mentally abusing them, which feels more natural for that parent to do. In this case, that parent has just taken the high road and told the universe that she desires to avoid that particular karmic arrangement (that her kids have most likely agreed to before incarnating).

A mystic may say that even the effort by the parent to be more loving instead of abusive is the karma of all involved in the situation.

Dharma is played out, karma is balanced, and everyone benefits (spiritually speaking).

More importantly, souls who choose (before incarnating) to be on the receiving end of abuse are going to experience it whether a parent dishes it out or not. A relative, sibling, friend of the family, neighborhood bully, classmate, or some other person will do his part to help fulfill fate.

Again, all the wisdom in the world won't negate the major karmic dates with destiny that our souls choose before incarnating.

A key objective of incarnating is spiritual growth and in order to do that, there must be challenge. Challenge is also necessary so that the more enjoyable life circumstances can be recognized and appreciated.

We like the phrase "wisdom deletes karma," but we think it's more accurately said this way: "Wisdom deletes some karma and direct life experience wipes out and balances the majority of karma."

Fate is fate and you can't dodge it just because you find select circumstances distasteful. On the brighter side, you have free will to react to karma and make the most of your life within the bounds of your fate.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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