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Consciousness, Instincts, Thought

Updated on October 19, 2017

Do animals have consciousness? Do plants? Bacteria? Are instincts a form of thought? What is self-awareness?

We can only understand the human mind. And only a little. I can only have the vaguest notion of what consciousness really is. I know what it feels like. Everyone does. But I can't express it in words. This is why I often write poetry. In order to express things just a little bit. Sometimes it is hard to put thought into words. But we try.

I see my dog, and know she doesn't think the way I do. But what's the difference? Does she have self-awareness? I think maybe she's got a slight inkling. Consciousness seems to evolve in stages. A cat has more than a snail. A human has more than a cat. But more what? I don't exactly know. I just know we are different. We definitely think differently.

I sometimes try to imagine what it would like to be some other kind of organism. How does it feel to be an amoeba? Or a single cell in my body? I think that single cell must have it's own minuscule form of consciousness. I imagine it is somehow separate, yet still connected to my mind in someway. There is a term, called holons, for this idea. A nested hierarchy of consciousness within consciousness. Each having it's own individuality, yet being a part of the whole. Maybe WE are part of a larger whole, and we don't know it. I think that maybe the being I term "the Universe" is that larger whole. It communicates with me through numbers and synchronicities. It has a personality. It is someone. Nobody believes me, but that's OK. It sounds unbelievable.

What are instincts? Somehow, an organism just "knows" what to do and how to act in certain situations. How do they know? This question really intrigues me. My theory is that instincts are controlled by morphic fields, which are designed by God before the beginning of this world. Everything was on the Platonic plane before this material world. Morphic fields can be thought of as archetypes. They are not realized until they reach this world. When it comes to instincts, an organism "taps into" the morphic field that is appropriate.

The Universe is a single entity. We are a part of it. Like a cell is a part of us. The Universe can communicate with us through synchronicities, dreams, electronics, numbers, memories. Somehow it has the ability to control electronics. I know this because it has changes the time on my clocks right before my eyes. Mostly changing time backwards by one minute, and then back again. It is so I see certain numbers. It is so I know it's a message.

It also sends me dreams about the Precession of the Equinoxes. It was showing me how the wheels of time are coming to an important node, the half-way point in the Precession. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius. It is when the Hero slays the Dragon. It is when Orion is in it's highest position in the sky, and Draco at it's lowest. These celestial events affect us as humans, and us as a culture. This is what mythology is trying to tell us.

The cycles of time affect consciousness. Human consciousness, and the consciousness of all organisms. Our consciousness changes with the seasons of the stars. Something happened 50, 000 years ago, two Precessional cycles ago. It changed human consciousness. There was an explosion of advanced tool making, art and culture. Another change happened a quarter of a Precession ago. Civilization began. These aren't coincidences. Something happens to change our consciousness. We evolve. We evolve spiritually as well. There is another node NOW, with the coming of Aquarius. What will change this time? Will our consciousness expand once again? I think it's a possibility. A good possibility.

How will our thought processes change? Are humans the vehicle for change? I think we are a contender for that position. The Neanderthals died out one Precessional cycle ago. Is it that they were a dead end? That they couldn't evolve? Did they miss their chance? I hope we don't miss our chance.


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