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Embrace The Dogma Or Intellect?

Updated on June 30, 2015

Religion was able to shape human beings life giving them a direction for living; and that, might have been the reason where human beings got to live for more than just basic necessities of food and shelter. But with growing human minds, now the new world of tech and science actually is quite opposed by the religious societies. The problem to discuss is that in spite of religion as the lifestyle of majority of the population, the more religious societies are less creative and sometimes less productive though some researches show that religious people might be more satisfied and happier in life. Observing the societies where culture or religion is the baseline to shape the ways of life as well as the law, there are certain factors that result in shaping societies to certain consequences.

Living the same rules and regulations is the first trait that would render society stability, as everyone knows what is supposed to be done and follows the pattern. This saves a lot of anxiety and confusion. Moreover this also kinda helps in controlling your desires or the mistakes that a person might commit. Because you are no more a free person with no way decided to go rather you know what your life is and you know where you have to go to earn respect, money or a better life. Many people think that stress and depression in people have increased because we have too many choices and are confused which way to select. Thus for many people, when the direction is already known to them saves them a better, satisfactory and happier life than selecting each and every path of their life with due consideration. This is the main trait of religion and culture that makes it attractive and worthwhile to societies to stick to it.

The other attractive trait of religion and culture is that it devises what a human is and makes the basic human nature for what it belongs to. This makes people to fall in love with what they believe in, as cultural traits become a part of who they are. Thus a person knows who I am and what I am when they are attached to their principles.

Since culture and religion is not a principle of a day or two it has due consideration to a lot of such factors that might not be considered by people normally but it makes you to consider. Some very positive attributes are suggested to societies with these principles like being kind and considerate, being honest and loyal, being understanding and nice and many more. This does help to develop a good society.

But this is not all we might make life happier for one class of people but not to all. The complicated and evolving nature of human being advocates change as its basic nature and the religious or concrete systems would work hard against any change. This would render the society hypocrisy and dissatisfaction. Moreover the most tragic consequence is lack of individualism and understanding. As good and bad are defined and thus anybody who doesn’t follow the exact ways might become unacceptable to the society. Thus individual creativity, the concept of change and development is slowed down. This is the basic reason that the more extremist a society is the more reluctant it would be to development and change.

Accepting basic human nature and its traits is very essential to every society and this includes the acceptance of the emerging changes in the ways of life of human beings. You might study animals living almost the same type of lives a decade ago and now. But this is not the case with human beings. Humans are aware of themselves that makes them to design their own world and dictate the changes with every coming day. Though already existing patterns are important to dictate our living where confusion might overwhelm humans but that does not suggest societies where change is forbidden. The tragedy is that in most cases we have to select one because either we would be sticking to the principles or not.

The other very important reason where strict rules might fail a society is that it takes away human reasonability and rational thinking. In fact it promotes unreasonable and irrational attitudes in the society. This results as I said, less understanding of human basic nature and creativity. People believe blindly on what they believe is right. Thus no matter what is actually working right or what is making things worse that just doesn’t matter; all that matters is if they are compliant to the values that are proclaimed as right or to the rules that are devised to be followed by everyone. This actually most of the times remove the difference between right and wrong in a society. Because no matter what results a certain idea brings if it can be molded to be compliant with the already followed pattern, it is right otherwise it is wrong. The results of an act do not decide on what is right or what is wrong but the compliancy to the rules is the mean that would articulate an act as right or wrong, which result again in slowing down the development or betterment of a society and less care for humans and more care for rules.

Power game is yet another consequence of such societies. Whoever once held the power in the group on the basis of ‘following the rules better than anyone else’ can suggest and decide on anything anyway because people believe in him/her. Thus compliancy to some of the superficial rules is taken as mean to make people believe in them and then manipulating believers to what they want, and as rationality and reasonability is already been taken from them they would keep doing it till the end. Some cultures explicitly proclaim that reasonable people would be thrown to hell. That makes it pretty odd. Because you lose the chance of even making them understand that they might be following the wrong path. Such power manipulation is a very tragic misuse of such societies. Imagine when a wrong person is believed to be the right one and people would just follow him blindly, what not could be done to them and how not could they be used.

When I see the world today I see it most exposed to changes. The technology has made the world a global village and when more tech less cultural based societies or people devise a change in the world that is very appealing and compliant to the basic human nature, thus would affect the societies around and world. We better accept this fact because we know for fact that human lives have been made much better than before with all these changes that have been brought by people around the world and everyone is attracted to adopt them. Thus in such cases sticking to the old gold laws is even more dangerous because some would get even more reluctant while others would be yet mesmerized by the beauty of what human beings are capable of doing to this world and would want to be a part of it anyway. Thus again human beings might take wars to save their interests. Some might fight for their principles while others to change. BUT CHANGE IS ULTIMATE!


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