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Continue To Be Faithful

Updated on September 8, 2009

Never Give Up!

Being faithful in all we do is so important. I have had a long road and I'm only 44, but looking back has put Praise in my heart. No matter what we are going through Jesus is always faithful.

Psa 97:10

Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

So many times I have felt like giving up, but I held on and continue to because God is always faithful. We may feel abandoned but His love is always there.  I felt and still sometimes feel like He has left me to carry this load by myself but as I start giving up He comes through, usually at the last second. In the past few months so many of my prayers have been answered, but at the time I wondered why it's taking so long. But God was holding me at the time and still is.

Psa 111:7

The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.

We can trust God, because He says we can. We have storms in our lives because they are to make us stronger, and God will never forsake us. His love Remains forever.

Psa 145:13

Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.

God loves His creation, and we are part of that. He is always there for us even when we feel far, He is there and He is faithful.

Written By Betty Bolden


Jesus Is My Joy Ministries


Praise Him


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I'm saying a prayer for you right now. May God Bless You and Keep You.

    • profile image

      ftgfmom 8 years ago

      This hub is awesome. Sometimes we can get battle worn and get weak but we need to remember to never, ever give up!! :)

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      I am so grateful you did not give up. You touch many lives Jesus my joy! You just keep blessing sister. I enjoyed this hub it is truly beautiful. The video made me cry tears of JOY sister.

      I have new hub 'hubpagesgodsend'

      I will return my friend

    • profile image

      Alf 8 years ago

      Hi Betty.... oh this is such a fantastic message.. you nailed it on the head here.. Jesus is totally faithful to us.. and we all need to be very faithful to Him.. I want to thank you for your faithful friendship too.. you are a precious and lovely friend... lots of love and hugs, Alf

    • profile image

      Denizee 8 years ago

      We should continue to give thanks that God chose us to be one of his children. Bless you for posting this.

    • profile image

      Rhoni 8 years ago

      Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad, and look forward to it. Help us to wait upon the Lord as he knows our needs and will supply all of them in his time.

    • R Burow profile image

      R Burow 8 years ago from Florida, United States


      Thanks for the great reminders to the Lord's faithfulness.

      Here is another one for you. II Timothy 2:11-19. "He remains faithful even when we are not." (v.19)

      God bless you!