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Cool Realizations About God

Updated on August 25, 2016

God is our fulfillment

People go through life on a constant search for that someone and something that can grant ultimate joy and fulfillment. Yet, anything and everything once taken hold of will prove insufficient. God is our sufficiency, He is our satisfaction. I don't know how, but in God, with God, there is nothing more to want, there is no more need for completion. We find our ultimate start, end, and pursuit, is Him.

God is Ever-Existing

There never was a time when He wasn't, never will there be a time when He won't be. He always is, He always was, and He always will be. There is no difference of time with Him, He can see from the past and into the future and into the present---all within the same reach. Everything and All time is accessible to Him.

This tells me that as time is all within equal view, He knows perfectly, He judges everything perfectly. His calculations are accurate, His decisions trustworthy. I can count on His wisdom to know what's right for me at any given time. I can count on Him to work out the details of my life at just the right speed. I can count on Him to bring everything to pass at the most perfect time.

This also tells me that He is ever with me. There will never be a time when i will be abandoned. No child will be left to himself, left to wander in darkness, doubt or uncertainty. I am secure, I am comforted; because in everything and through everything, I know, I will never be alone.

God is Self-Sufficient

The self-sufficiency of God is quite interesting and very important to the Christian. God has and is in Himself, completeness. He has no need for anything nor anyone. The triune God functions and exists with no need of external assistance, provision, and validation. He has no experience of lack or need.

We may further relate this attribute to the term "stand–alone" Stand-alone machines and equipments are 'able to operate without control from another system, company, etc. It is to be self-contained; especially : operating or capable of operating independently of a computer system <a stand–alone word processor>

This tells me how blessed I am to share in anything with God and in God. That He invites me and causes me to be part of His everlasting life is a precious privilege worthy of valuing. That "not all will come to repentance" causes me to value being chosen even more. With this in mind, the natural response is to not waste the precious life and privilege granted to me, to make everything count, to celebrate this precious treasure and to share it with others, that they too may be partakers.

This also tells me that my sufficiency is found in Him, that there is completeness and completion in Him.

God is Pure

God is untainted. God is pure; pure God, pure truth, pure rightness. This is very significant because of so many things:

  1. I can trust His viewpoint. He is not persuaded to take sides, not mine, not another's, not His, but wherever truth and rightness is, there He will side.
  2. I can trust His decisions. He can assess things perfectly. He has all factors in perfect consideration. When He withholds and when He grants, He is reliable all the same.
  3. He knows me and gauges me perfectly. There will never be partiality with God, nor unfair judgment. In all my failures, He sees me rightly. He sees me as I am, He sees me as what I can be by His grace. He sees all my potential, He sees all my limits; and He knows just how purposeful and impactful my life can be, just as I am.
  4. His judgments are ever fair, His actions always on time. I can count on God not to slacken, nor to be affected by external factors. He acts as He wills, and His actions are ever spot-on.


Some Questions that May Come to Mind

A. Why do I still fee incomplete, why am I so needy?

  • Maybe, you are placing your hopes on the wrong things.
  • Maybe, you are desiring the wrong things.
  • Maybe, you lack contentment.
  • Maybe, you are covetous.
  • Maybe, you just need to find reassurance from God. Renew commitment to intimacy.

B. Why do I feel lonely, why does God seem absent?

  • Maybe, there is lingering sin.
  • Maybe, there is no authentic salvation.
  • Maybe, God is putting you to a period of testing.
  • Maybe, you just need to find reassurance from God. Renew commitment to intimacy.


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