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Cosmic Influences On Our Health and Vitality

Updated on September 23, 2012

Cosmic Influences on our Health and Vitality

We are all part of the cosmic web of life, connected and held in balance by subtle energy forces. Any changes in these energy forces can have a knock on effect on our health and vitality for either better or worse.

First lets look at THE SUN and its influence. At the centre of our solar system , the sun is a fireball of light and heat, and is our most important energy source. It creates the conditions for life on earth and influences our health and vitality. When someone is sick for example, it is thought their 'light' force has dimmed. The word 'influenza' comes from an Italian word meaning to 'to influence' , and research indicates that all the major flu epidemics of the last 250 years (including the 1918 flu pandemic) have coincided with increased solar activity.

Next lets look at THE MOON and its influence. Lunar power can control the tides, affect the weather, and influence human moods and behaviour. A woman's 28 day menstrual cycle folllows the phases of the moon. The moon is also associated with psychological disturbances: the full moon is known as the time of lunacy or 'moon madness', and its powerful energy can trigger such problems as epileptic fits, as well as increasing the potential for accidents. Lets not forget it is also the time when hot guys turn into werewolves (joking of course)

Lets look at BioRhythms. The forces of the sun and the moon are often thought of as masculine and feminine energies. The male solar energy is focused on action in the world outside, on ambition and achievement, while the female lunar energy is inwardly focused, and more concerned with the intuitive world of feelings and emotions. According to the theory of biorhythms, we all have an internal male 'solar' cycle and a female 'lunar' cycle that affects us physically, emotionally and intellectually. These cycles produce a pattern of highs and lows, so that some days we may have lots of energy and feel 'on top of the world', while at other times we feel lethargic and find it more difficult to get things done.

Lets look at the seasons. The changing seasons also affect our energy levels and many illnesses are seasonal. Light deprivation is thought to be associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a severe manifestation of the 'winter blues'. We suffer more colds and flu in winter, whereas early summer is the hayfever season. Both men and woman contain a balance of feminine and masculine energies, also known as yin and yang

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