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Could it be our shadow silently guides us, could it be our God?

Updated on February 16, 2016

Our shadow could it be our God?


Could it be our shadow silently guides us, could it be our God?

Could it be that our shadow silently guides, could it be God?

‎Our records records all we do as a human being.
Who's shadow do we inherit at birth, our mother or father?
Does the appearance our shadow takes refect weather we are male or female?

There are five natural shapes the s‎hadow brings to life into reality.
Which determine our sex.

Our hair.

Genitalia :





Features ‎of our face,





Cheeck bones.

Weather male or female naturally when you look at the reflection the shadow casts, they have very similar resemblance, so do the arms, bones ‎structure, fingers hands, legs and feet.

The shadow mimics all we chose to do with our thoughts, mind and body.It is deaf, it never talks back to us, yet it follows us where ever we go, never missing a single action that we take.

When we get sun burnt it gets sun burnt.
When we get rained on, it gets rained on.


‎When we laugh, it laughs.

‎When we cry it also cries.


When we play it plays.

‎When we play it plays.when we go to sleep, it rests right besides us.When we wake up to have breakfast it joins us.

‎When we are late for work, it hurries along with us.

‎When we make love, it gets tired when have also climaxed and just want to cuddle with our loved one.When we seem stressed and we bite our nails, it also watchs us, as it's coat sheds nails.

When we cut our hair, it also wears a new hairstyle.When we are injured and bleeding, blood, blood drips from its pours on the ridges of our shadows reflection, it also reflects our scars.

When we smoke, clouds of smoke rise above above our shadow.When we are braaing or cooking our meat and it burns, the shadow of the meat we are cooking shrivelles ‎up and asks it itself, why ohhh why master, think of the life that was sacrificed for us to survive and feast.

‎When we are in a bad accident and the car we are driving in crashes into a bridge, we lost consciousness, our shadow laid by our side.And when we are not the same again, after the misfortune, bound to crutches, our shadow limps with us till the day we heal and can walk again.

‎And when our new baby is born are the seeds of my life and all I have done with my life good and bad, foolish, and just, the roots and do they carry the destiny of the new born baby and their purpose and path they will take on this earth.

‎The day we die, only then does our shadow rest.

My shadow is the most loyal friend I have ever known.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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