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Covid-19, Islamic Concept Facing the Pandemic

Updated on May 18, 2020
Zaman Hurri profile image

Zaman Hurri is a teacher and an headmaster of an Islamic School In Indonesia. He pays attention to culture and education.

Covid 19 virus
Covid 19 virus | Source

The covid-19 on worldwide issue

The covid-19 is a deadly virus. It comes and suddenly kills the people. There is no antivirus found now, and even until now there are no drugs invented to treat effectively the people infected by the virus. If someone is infected, the medicals only give vitamins or the drugs rising immune. They cure what the patient experiences. When the patient is out of breath, they give oxygen or ventilation treatment. In fact, there is no effective treatment for the patient at this time. And the victims and deaths run fast.

It haunts all over the world. It infects about four million more people and kills three hundred thousand more people. All state governments make their own policy to cover this issue. They fight these unseen enemies. They want to save their people from this virus. Some heads of the countries take "lockdown" as their solution. They close the country from the people being in and out. The others make "social distancing' as the way to solve these problems. They ask their people not to sit, work, and do anything in a close position. Staying and working at home is the choice. The heads of a few countries make an unclear solution. They chose "half lockdown" or "half social distancing" as their confusing solution to their countries. They close the countries, but the people can be in and out. They play with the deadly virus.

Islamic references

Islam has some concepts. Those concepts come from reliable sources according to Islamic people or those who believe to. The sources are based on the references taken as the foothold of their life. The first reference is Al-Qur'an ( Scripture of Muslim). Muslim daily life is based on this Scripture. The Muslims believe that the contents of the Al-Qur'an are from God. So what the Al-Qur'an says is the truth to all Muslims. The second is Hadith. The hadith is the book that contents the actions, deeds, speeches, and behaviors of the Apostle Muhammad ( Peace be upon him). It is the second guideline for the Muslim. The third is the history of the closest friends of the apostle. It can be action, deed, speech, behavior, and life. The Muslim daily life is also based on the history of the apostle closest friends. The fourth is the speech and decision of Islamic clerics. It is also based on Al-Qur'an and Hadith. And the last is the speech or the rule of good and fair government. The Islamic people have to obey the rules made by the government to face the pandemic.

The concept of Islam in solving this pandemic problem should be based on Islamic references. These references give the ways how to save the people facing the deadly virus. So humans can live with health. And sure that the deaths and victims will reduce soon.

Al-qur'an, the guideline of the Muslim
Al-qur'an, the guideline of the Muslim | Source

Lockdown in Islam

For stopping the virus from moving to one place to another place, locking the country is an effective way. It can also stop the media or the people carrying the virus mingling to healthy people. So the sick people can cure effectively and the others in healthy state keep healthy.

This concept is very recommended to Islam. Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) said in a hadith " If you hear a pandemics on an area, you do not come into it. But if the outbreak is in your own area, you do not leave your area".( hadith from Bukhari). In this covid-19 case. It means that someones should stay at home when the virus exists at the place, not to go anywhere. It can stop the virus from spreading to other places.

Some countries have been successful to stop the running of cases by locking down the countries. The governments of China, Vietnam, and Malay have done this strategy. They have been able to reduce the amount of death and victims. Even now, they have opened their place. People can do their activities anymore. But their governments ask them to obey the covid-19 protocol. The people must wear a mask on their face and wash their hands.

Staying at home during the pandemic

When the pandemic spreads at the place, staying at home is the choice to prevent from being infected by the virus. Working, learning, doing anything, and even worshiping to God at home are very recommended in Islam. Some governments of the countries have chosen this rule to prevent the people from being infected. They work at home by using the internet. They learn and teach from home. Teachers communicate with their children by using communication applications or other media. Mothers buy foods and cosmetics by online markets.

Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) said "....There is no one who at the time of the pandemic struck, he stays in his country patiently and worships Allah..."( Hadith from Bukhari). It means that staying at home is the best choice when the pandemic is coming. Even worshiping to God should be done at home.

For Islamic people, worshiping to God sometimes is done in the mosque. They pray at Friday at the mosque. But during the pandemic, It is done at home. Friday praying is changed to Zuhur pray. In Indonesia, MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) has took a decision that all worshiping activities should be done at home. Most of the mosques in Indonesia is closed. The principle of Islam is to save the people first most priority.

Cleaning is the solution

Cleaning is one of the more alternatives to prevent someone infected by the covid-19 virus. Most of governments take a solution by asking the people to wash their hands by using clean water and soap or hand sanitation fluid. They make a rule to the managers of public places to put boxes or buckets filled clean water and a bottle of liquid soap on them, besides the front door. While customers come in and go out, they can wash their hands.

the solution is also the concept of Islam to keep the people healthy. Islam emphasizes that the cleanliness is very important. God says in Al-Qur'an "...And surely Allah loves clean people... " (Surat al-Taubah: 108). So, the cleanliness is the rule of Islam.

The Islamic people always pray in a day five times. Before starting to pray, they have to take ritual ablution ( wudhu). They wash their hands five times before praying. It means that at least Muslims wash their hands five times a day, and also they wash their hands before eating.

In this case, Islamic rule is very relevant to the healthy protocol of the covid-19. So to keep healthy and safe, washing hands must be done to every people.

The cleaning is also used for food that the people eat. In Islam, the food recommended must be cleaned and lawful. Some foods are unlawful in Islam, such as pig and bet ( the animal carrying the virus). Islam makes this rule for the sake of human health.

Zakat for solving economic effect

The covid-19 problem has affected the economic sector. Because of locking down the countries, The people may not go to anywhere for working. They just stay at home. They can not earn money. The places where they work are affected. They are even closed. The markets are also closed. The people can not buy food. In this case, the government gives the food to them.

Islam also has the concept to solve this problem. Ii has zakat. Zakat means to take a certain amount of assets or money from Muslims who have sufficient wealth and to give it to the people who have no assets. So zakat can help the government solving the economic problem facing the effect of the covid-19 virus. The Muslims can use the money from zakat to buy food and share this food with the people to their homes. Of course it can help their life.


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