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Creation, more evidence for, than Against

Updated on July 26, 2010

Life only from LIFE

Everything pertaining to planet earth [outside of man's intervention], is tweaked to facilitate life in all its diversity and complexity on earth.

1. The relative sizes, positions and distances of the planets and the sun.
2. The peculiar properties of water, makes it essential for life.
3. The moon, its distance from the earth, its size, the tilt of the earth, all, tweaked to perfection.
4. All proteins essential for life are left rotational stereoisomers, whilst the sugars are right rotational.
5. DNA/ RNA replicating system, had to be perfect at the start for life to exist.
6. Even now, the enzyme polymerase gives an accuracy of about 10 to the power 7, to DNA replication.
7. Mutation is foreign, to the process, that is, it is engineered by something external to the system.

DNA replication, the basis for biological inheritance, is a fundamental process occurring in all living organisms to copy their DNA. This process is "replication" in that each strand of the original double-stranded DNA molecule serves as template for the reproduction of the complementary strand. Hence, following DNA replication, two identical DNA molecules have been produced from a single double-stranded DNA molecule. Cellular proofreading and error toe-checking mechanisms ensure near perfect fidelity for DNA replication

: DNA polymerase

DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to the 3' end of a strand of DNA. If a mismatch is accidentally incorporated, the polymerase is inhibited from further extension. Proofreading removes the mismatched nucleotide and extension continues.
DNA polymerases are a family of enzymes that carry out all forms of DNA replication.
A DNA polymerase can only extend an existing DNA strand paired with a template strand; it cannot begin the synthesis of a new strand. To begin synthesis of a new strand, a short fragment of DNA or RNA, called a primer, must be created and paired with the template strand before DNA polymerase can synthesize new DNA.

The peculiarities of life are inconsistent with prevalence of elements on earth.

On earth the occurrence of silicon far exceeds that of carbon, yet carbon is ideal for life on earth. As regards the relative abundance of silicon and carbon in outer space, the converse to what obtains on earth exist.


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