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Creepy Paranormal Games (Play at Your Own Risk)

Updated on January 9, 2018

Some people dislike to be scared and will do anything and everything to prevent it from happening. On the other spectrum, there are those who get a thrill out of a little scare (i.e. horror movie lovers, paranormal fanatics thrill seekers, etc.). If you belong to the latter category, then you might enjoy playing one- or all -of the games listed below.

Just remember that if you decide to play any of these games, you are doing so at your own risk. These are not innocent children's games and could result in the unfolding of traumatic and dangerous events, including spirit/demon possession. Always use caution when dabbling with the paranormal.


The Elevator Game

The Elevator Game ritual originated from South Korea and is supposed to transport the player to another dimension. You need to be in an elevator at least ten floors high to perform this ritual.

The instructions to play this game are as follows:

  1. Enter the elevator from the first floor. There must not be anyone else inside when you get in.
  2. Press the fourth floor button.
  3. Once you reach the fourth floor, press the button for the second floor.
  4. When you reach the second floor, press the sixth floor button.
  5. When you are at the sixth floor, press the second floor button again.
  6. After arriving on the second floor, press the tenth floor button.
  7. Once you reach the tenth, press the fifth floor button.
  8. When the door opens when you reach the fifth floor, a young woman might enter the elevator with you. Do not look at her or speak to her. She is not of this world and is described as a ghost or a demon.
  9. Press the first floor button. If the elevator starts to ascend to the tenth floor, you may proceed with the ritual. However, if it descends to the first floor, exit the elevator as soon as the doors open without look back or speaking to the woman.
  10. If it does go to the tenth floor, you have the option of exiting the elevator or staying inside. If you decide to stay on, press the first floor button. If it doesn't move, keep pressing it until it works again. Once you reach the first floor, leave the elevator without speaking or looking back,
  11. If you choose to get off the elevator at the tenth floor, the woman with you will ask you, "Where are you going?" Make sure not to answer nor look at her as you exit. You will know you have reached the other dimension or the "Otherworld" when you see no other person present aside from yourself, and it will also be dark. You can now do a bit of exploring if you wish.
  12. Once you have finished, you must use the same elevator as the one you arrived in. When you have entered the elevator, press the buttons in the same order that you did when you began the game (four, two, six, two, ten, five).
  13. When you reach the fifth floor, press the first floor button. The elevator will once again start ascending to the tenth floor. Press any other floor's button to stop it before it reaches the tenth floor.
  14. When you are back on the first floor, check your surroundings carefully before exiting. If anything doesn't seem right, no matter how small you think it is, repeat step two until everything is back to normal. Once you are confident it is, the game is over. You can now exit the elevator.

* If someone enters the elevator (aside from the woman on the fifth floor) at any point during the game, start again at the fourth floor.

** Be careful if you faint/lose consciousness while you are in the other dimension and find yourself somewhere back in your world (like in your bedroom). You can be pulled back into the Otherworld at any time. Scary!

Was Elisa Lam Playing The Elevator Game?

There are some people who believe that Elisa Lam, the Canadian student who was found dead in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, was playing The Elevator Game before she died.
There are some people who believe that Elisa Lam, the Canadian student who was found dead in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, was playing The Elevator Game before she died. | Source

The Bath Game

The Bath Game, also known as 'Daruma-san', involves summoning the spirit of a woman named Daruma, inviting her into your life for up to 24 hours, all while you work hard on avoiding her the entire time (you do not want her to catch you). This is pretty much a much more dangerous and drawn-out version of Tag.

Daruma is said to be a woman who slipped and fell while in the shower, resulting in her death. You must start the game at night before you go to bed, and you will need a bathtub to play (a shower cannot be substituted). Listed below are instructions on how to play.

  1. Strip naked and enter your bathroom. Fill the bathtub with water, then turn out the lights.
  2. In the dark, carefully climb into the tub and sit down in the water, facing the taps and faucet.
  3. Close your eyes and start washing your hair. As you are doing that, repeat the words, "Daruma-san fell down". Do not stop repeating them until you have finished washing your hair, and do not open your eyes at all while doing this. In your mind, you should see a Japanese woman standing in the tub. She will then slip and fall, landing face-first on a rusty tap which goes through her right eye.
  4. At this point, you might hear a noise or feel movement in the bathtub. Keep your eyes shut and do not turn around. Ask out loud, "Why did you fall in the bath?"
  5. Do not wait for a reply. Keeping your eyes closed, carefully climb out of the tub, making sure not to trip and fall. Do not drain the tub nor turn on the lights. You can now exit the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Once you are out of the bathroom, you can open your eyes. Go right to bed.
  6. The game begins when you wake up the next morning. As you go about your day, you will constantly feel a presence and even catch glimpses of a woman behind you. She will have black, tangled hair, tattered clothing, and will only have one eye. The woman will try to get closer and closer to you throughout the day. Do not let this happen. If you feel that she is too close, shout,"Tomare!", which means "Stop!" in Japanese, and run away.
  7. Make sure you end the game before midnight. To end it, you must catch a glimpse of the woman first before shouting "Kitta!", which means "I cut you loose!". As you say it, hold your arm out in front of you, then swing it down in a chopping motion. If you fail to end the game properly, she will continue to follow you until she catches you. Again, you do not want that to happen.


One Man Hide-and-Seek

This is definitely not your typical game of hide-and-seek. Originating from Japan, this game (also known as 'Hitori Kakurenbo'), basically involves playing hide-and-seek with a possessed doll.

To play this game, you will need:

  • A stuffed doll or a stuffed animal with arms and legs, such as a teddy bear (do not use a human doll, as it is likely that the spirit that is going to possess it will not leave it)
  • Uncooked rice
  • A needle and red thread
  • An object with a sharp edge, such as a wooden toothpick or a sharpened pencil- it is recommended not to use something that is too sharp like scissors or a knife as you could possibly be stabbed with it by the doll
  • Something from your body, such as fingernails
  • A cup of salt water
  • A bathtub filled with water
  • A good hiding spot

First, give your doll or stuffed animal a name. It can be any name- a "cutsey" name like Snuggles, the name of your favorite actor, anything- as long as it is not your name or the name of a family member or friend. Next, cut the doll open, remove all of it stuffing, and replace it with the rice and fingernail clippings. Sew the doll back up with the red thread, making sure you have enough to wrap the remainder of the thread around the doll's entire body (this is supposed to bind the spirit to the doll).

After you have finished sewing the doll back up, wait until 3:00 am to take the doll into the bathroom. Fill up the bathtub with water, and make sure all of the lights in your home are turned off before proceeding with the next steps (you are allowed to leave your television on, though). Next, repeat the words, "(Your name) is the first it" three times, and then place the doll into the filled bathtub. Walk into another room, close your eyes, and count to ten. After you have finished counting, return to the bathroom back to the doll in the tub and say, "I have found you, (doll's name)". Then stab it with the sharp object.

After the doll has been stabbed, say, "You are the next it, (doll's name)". Take the doll out of the tub and leave it somewhere in the bathroom, such as on the counter or on the floor. The moment you have placed it down and without looking back, run to your hiding spot with your cup of salt water. While you are hiding, pour half of the salt water into your mouth, but do not swallow it- just keep it in your mouth. The salt water will protect you from the spirit that has now possessed the doll. It is important to keep hidden and remain quiet, as the doll may stab you with the object and possess you if it finds you.

To end the game, leave your hiding spot and look for the doll with the half cup of salt water in your hand and the other half of salt water still in your mouth. Be aware that it may not be in the same place or even in the same room that you left it in. When you have found the doll, spit the salt water out onto the doll, and pour the remaining water in the cup onto it as well. Then proclaim out loud, "I won!" three times. Although this ends the game, you must burn the doll afterwards, as it is possible that the spirit could re-enter the doll.

* It is best to play this game when you are home alone, since the possessed doll could also go after other people in your home.

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits, and have you ever had a paranormal experience?

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