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Crimes, society, morals and law enforcement!

Updated on July 14, 2016

Wearing a mask!

Faces are deceptive masks!

Many people are unable to comprehend why they are subjected to grief, pain and torture. Even if the body suffers torture, the resultant pain and grief is felt only through the mind. No doubt, animals and other species undergo physical pain but they have no way to express their pain, nor they possess a mind to recollect the pain undergone. Only human beings are subjected to deep miseries by recollecting the pain and abuse they undergo at the hands of others. Especially women are the worst victims in society. From ancient days, it is male dominated society and hence the voice of ladies suffering pain or mental abuse is submerged in the hullaballoo of society. We access he news through media and many of us feel sorrow at the sufferings of innocent women who fell victim to the evil minds.

Can we categorize people by their look, whether they are good or evil? No! It is impossible to peep through the pseudo faces which hide the evil in them. But few people are capable of judging a face with correct intuition. Whenever I travel in a public transport, I could easily identify a ‘pick pocket’ among a group. I confronted many and I was a bit careful to move away from such people. Normally a group of people board a crowded bus, stand near the entrance or exit and push people from all sides. Naturally our attention is diverted. Then the pick pocket easily scan by touch, the pant packets and shirt pocket and remove currencies without making a fuss. They are trained in the art of ‘picking pockets’ without notice. Even lady pick pockets abound during crowd hours. The Police officers usually are aware of the pickpockets in a locality. They have the photos of frequent offenders and paste it in railway stations, bus stands, markets and cinema halls. Even then, not a one is caught. Even if they are caught, they inflict cuts by blades hidden in their nails. Hence many people move away from such thief.

Chain snatchers and public apathy!

Police alone cannot prevent crimes, we are equally responsible!

It is not possible for Police to be present everywhere. They regulate traffic; give security to VIPs, patrol the main thoroughfares and they are stationed in some outposts. We cannot blame the police alone for thefts, robberies, rapes and kidnaps. Everyone must safeguard their surroundings and leave nothing to chance. We should avoid moving along in nights in empty roads. Especially ladies must travel always in group and it would be prudent that they learn certain martial arts to safeguard their person! The work culture is many cities and towns have changed drastically. The IT companies work around the clock. The lady staff too has to be part of the team. Hence nowadays, ladies working at odd hours have become a very common factor. Hospitals, travel agencies and many commercial establishments close their door only around 11 PM. Hence, those managements must ensure safety of their lady staff by providing secure transport services to any part of the town at any time.

In the recent fortnight, there were many murders reported in Tamilnadu and Chennai. In broad day light, in crowded railway station, a lady staff has been murdered by a young man. The onlookers simply witnessed the chilly episode and the body was lying there for two hours! This is the law and order condition prevailing anywhere. Why people are reluctant to act swiftly? Most of the onlookers are concerned with their own problems rather than coming to the rescue of a young girl. Sadly, people are reluctant to perform their social responsibilities.

Crimes against women is increasing- MP

Crimes against women are increasing in South India!

Again, I have to blame only the people.. Why none has reported the crime instantly to Police control room? Because they don’t want to get involved and become a witness! Everyone nowadays possesses mobile phone. They could communicate to some public authorities if not police. It took a week long to trace out the guilty. Whom we can blame? Society or law enforcement officers? We have to blame the society in which each member feels that he is a separate individual and he is not concerned with the problems of others.

Human society has become very complex nowadays. Adding fuel to the fire are the social network platforms. Facebook is seen as one reason for instant dissemination of certain morphed photos by criminal minds. Recently in Tamilnadu, one girl has committed suicide after viewing her morphed photo in Facebook. These cases come under identity thefts. Anyone who is aware of the face book page of others could modify the photo and share with other evil minded people. This is how terrorist organizations open their account in the name of innocents and pass on their messages with impunity. Many disgruntled youth fall prey to their stratagems and lured into their fold. How the IS could enlarge their base? It is due to social platforms like Face book, Twitter and other such sites. With all this, can we boast that technology has eased our life? Technology has really endangered the life of many innocents in this world. Hence use it with care and security. Do not divulge your personal data or photo on social networks. It would be advantageous if you hide behind a male name like George or John.

Students and youngsters must avoid use of extensive surfing through social web sites. They can use it for educational or enriching their knowledge in different disciplines. Time passing through net is a very dangerous practice to all. Children must be restricted to access network. People rely very badly on internet all the time. It will create depression in course of time. Instead we can read good books away from the computer. Many serious health problems are attributed to constant use of computers. We shall better avoid such mistakes once for all.

Human apathy


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