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Crop Circle Research

Updated on December 28, 2014

DNA Crop Circle Image

DNA Crop Circles
DNA Crop Circles | Source

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David Wilcox Was Wrong About 2012!

The Significance to December 21, 2012 Was?

There was no significance...

As the 12/21/12 date is passed us now, which was the date projected by the Mayan Indians a mere 5,200 years ago to be, the exact date the world would end, now what can be said about the crop circle enigma? They definitely were not made, as some people thought, as a warning sign to the doomsday event of 12/21/12.

What the MIT Researchers Discovered About Crop Circles

Why are crop circles always popping up over in Europe, and not somewhere like Oklahoma or Kansas? It is really not fair, when you think about it. I would love to see a crop circle, someday. But do Englishmen really have enough time in their day, or enough liquor for that matter, to pull off some of these really elaborate pictures? Personally, I do not know one single person where I live that has that kind of time. I also do not think there is enough whiskey produced in Ireland, which would make me or anyone I know- want to go out into a farmer's field, and trounce out a decoration in the hay. Moreover still, is the fact that it does not take a rocket scientist, to figure out that some of those crop circles over in England, are really masterful representations of astounding mathematical equations. The math configurations alone would keep many people off the probable suspect list. Which brings me to an interesting point in the crop circle dilemma. Whose making these things anyway?

Back about twenty years ago, two old drunks said it was them, (hence my point about the Irish Whiskey). The intricate detail alone of some of the better, well-known, cataloged, crop circles (found to date); puts a lot of these crop circles, out of the realm of possibilities, for two drunk old men to pull off in an evening partying. I tend to agree with people like David Wilcock in thinking, a job like this was way too big for two men, let alone two old men to pull off drunk, with just a board tied to a string. At the very least, it would take a team of drunken, old, geezers to get one of these featured crop circles done on a Friday or Saturday night. It appears to me that the "hoax explanation" is actually, the real hoax after all. Bad thing is the fact that these two guys', only accomplishments have been made by keeping real scientific study, from researching these beautiful, mystical, abnormalities sooner.

  • Did you know that in 2008, a team of M. I. T. graduate students made a perplexing discovery, concerning crop circles?

What they found was that the grasses' stalks, were mangled in a very exacting and precise manner. This evidence, eventually becomes the first concrete (debunking) evidence that goes against the "two old men theory". It simply isn't plausible, is basically what they said.

Here is where it gets very interesting to me...

What they discovered was, nobody wielding a 1 x 8 plank of wood 4'ft long, could have mustered enough strength to break and mutilate the grass stalks in the exact manner, in which the other stalks were found laying on the ground. That was the teams' first discovery. What they discover next, is most definitely the scientific team's greatest discovery.

It was when they started to test samples of the biological plant matter, gathered by other researchers from many different crop circle sites, that they make this great discovery. What they found inside the chemical make-up of these plants, taken from within the crop circles flatten areas, were massive amounts of microwave radiation. That's right, we're not talking about a few traces of microwave radiation here people but, high levels of concentrated radiation were discovered. So where did this radiation come from? Oddly enough, nobody knows. There is only speculation ("Aliens") on how it got inside the plant life but, no known "smoking gun" has been discovered. Yet, when the team tried to replicate the precise biological and chemical properties and reactions, in their own crop circle project; what they found was, it was virtually impossible to replicate. To replicate the properties and reactions, meant going to extreme measures to accomplish the exact radiation levels, found at these crop circle sites. What it boiled down too in layman terms- if they wanted to duplicate the radiation levels inside a crop circle (like those found in England), they would have to wear specialized HAZ-MAT suits, and begin spraying vast amounts of toxic, radiation, waste on their crop circle, while balancing themselves just a few inches above ground. After preceding with that impossible task, they would have to design a gigantic microwave of some sort, in order to cook the insides of the crop circle, to get it to have the same effect. (My hand to Jesus people, I am not making this stuff up...) What is even more mind boggling is that where the taller grasses provided borders and contrast to the flatten grasses, the levels of radiation drastically changes. Needless to say, the scientific team (from MIT mind you) could not replicate, an exact English crop circle. We simply do not have the technology to make them... Not yet at least.

(Wow, I know. I was a little weirded out myself.)

So I wonder...., are we still to believe that two old drunks, did all this on their own? I think it's safe to say that that idea is absolutely absurd! But the strangeness doesn't stop there either.

Yeah..., there's more.

It also appeared that the closer the earth got to the 2012 date, the more intricate the crop circles became. What possibly, could the creator of these magnificent undertakings, be trying to tell us? Nobody has a clue, because the date came and went without a hitch. It completely blew that theory out of the water. Now what, is what I would like to know..., now what?

Today, there is a lot of controversy over this very argument but, nobody knows for sure. Many scientists today draw upon their own, unique, or different conclusions but, they all tend to agree that many of the images found in certain fields in England, Scotland and Ireland, are without a doubt, mirror images of the human DNA helix at different angles. They have also discovered that the DNA helix isn't the only "thing" being replicated. They have discovered crop circles in disease causing virus shapes, and other deadly entities such as prions and bacteriophages shapes. What could this all mean? Again, the world is completely clueless to their meaning.

Here is what I think:

  • Even though nothing strange happened the day of 12/12/12, there can be many possibilities, even the possibility of aliens. Until scientists start "thinking outside the box, and begin to consider all the possibilities" as Albert Einstein use to say, it appears that they will remain unsolvable. What a shame.

A Must See! I thought it had some very interesting points...

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  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Oh me too!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    John, I think we just might be looking for that exact thing. LOL! Thanks for the laugh. Loved the comment.

  • aguasilver profile image

    John Harper 5 years ago from Malaga, Spain

    Yes, very interesting, so we are looking for two very large drunken aliens with a microwave wand 4 foot long that can hover over the ground expressing super strength.... I will keep a look out for them!

    Nice hub, Thanks!


  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Thanks everyone!

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

    This was really, really interesting. I'm very surprised by most of this information. I don't question its validity.

  • GDRshop profile image

    GDRshop 5 years ago

    ancient aliens

  • WretchedRapture profile image

    WretchedRapture 5 years ago from California, USA

    I love reading about this stuff, and I too am glad the scientists are getting in on this whole thing on a larger scale. Scientists have always been somewhat involved in these phenomenon (the study of the Nazca Lines for example), but to have the field expand as a whole would be very fascinating. Voted up and interesting!