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The Crop Circles/Formations

Updated on July 19, 2011


Do you know what crop circles are? They are the patterns formed in the fields by the flattening of the crops. They are in very huge sizes. Sometimes, they are also called crop formations because not all of them are in circular shapes. The formation usually takes place in an overnight process but sometimes during day time. There are many speculations regarding these formations. Some suggested that these are formed by the aliens and others explained it scientifically. What is real? Let us know.

crop circles images


Crop circles are believed started in 1800's but it was in 1972 that the first modern crop circle was witnessed. It was first witnessed by Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood, in Warmnister, night of August 12, 1972. According to them, they heard a noise and it seemed as if something pushed down the wheat while the air was so still. Looking around, they noticed that the moon had just appeared and was shining brightly. Then, they saw a great imprint taking place. They saw the wheat was forced down in a clockwise direction.

The appearance of the said crop circle which was some 30 feet in diameter led to the studies of crop circles in our modern era. More years have passed, and the formations of the crop circles have grown even wider, occupying large areas of the lands. They now can also be found in 29 countries around the world. 

In 1980, this phenomenon caught everyone's attention. It happened when suddenly, there appeared two circles in a field, lying symmetrically side-by-side. Theories suggested dealt that it was due to freak weather condition. The following year, another circle was formed. It was flanked by two smaller circles exactly half its size, aligned perfectly north-south. By now, more single, double and triple circular formations were being documented, all manifesting perfect spiral movement, with plants unharmed or unbroken.

In 1983, the first quintuplet formation appeared. It was a large central circle surrounded by four smaller circles within the standing crop, precisely aligned to the four cardinal points. Four circles were rotated clockwise and the fifth was counter-clockwise. These formations were accompanied by some anomalies like- dogs in the vicinity would bark continuously from 2am to am, just hours before a crop circles was spotted nearby.

In 1988, hundreds of these formations were documented and researched. They grew larger and larger every year. Many more amazing formations are recorded in the following years.


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