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Crystal Portal Ceremony - Victoria Beach, Canada

Updated on November 19, 2011
The magnificent sunset
The magnificent sunset
Laurie at Victoria Beach.  This is where we held the crystal portal ceremony.
Laurie at Victoria Beach. This is where we held the crystal portal ceremony.
Barbara at the ceremony event.
Barbara at the ceremony event.
The glorious day and beach
The glorious day and beach
As we finished the day got brighter.
As we finished the day got brighter.


Written by Laurie Cloud       Photographs by

On Saturday October 24, 2009, we added another Crystal Portal to this planet. This is the third Crystal Portal that we at WorldWideHarmony have invited onto the planet. These Crystal Portals are a activation from the 6th Dimension, strategically placed in order to facilitate global peace and harmony by our target date of 12-21-2012.

The purpose of the Crystal Portal is two-fold: 1) to assist all those living in the geographical area of each Portal to gently move from a mental-based experience into a heart-based interaction in all areas of life; work, play, relationships and purpose. 2) to create an energy grid that will surround the planet assisting Mother Earth in making the transition into the 4th Dimension without the previously predicted and pre-determined catastrophic events as noted in the Bible, Nostradamus and Edgar Casey.

Each Crystal Portal has been a unique experience for those present. The first invitation was held in Las Vegas, NV on September 27, 2008. The energy in the room as the Portal came onto the planet was vibrant and intense as it propelled each participant into an overwhelming sense of joy, peacefulness and love. Everyone was profoundly affected by the experience. Even after a year, I still receive emails and phone calls from those in attendance of that event describing how amazing life has changed for them.

The second Crystal Portal was invited onto the planet in Washington, D.C. on April 18, 2009. The group in attendance was much smaller than Las Vegas but the energy was felt as a more expanded vibration. Where as previously, the Crystal Portal energy was much like a jet engine…the Crystal Portal in this ceremony felt to encompass the entire city of Washington, D.C. The surge was much less concentrated but just as powerful. We held this event on the lawn just beyond the Washington Monument and at the moment of the Crystal Portal moving onto the planet…there was complete silence around us. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us. It felt as if we were in a time warp intimately touched by a love so immense it was beyond words. All of the participants in this experience were left speechless for at least 30-minutes following the arrival of the Crystal Portal.

In Victoria Beach this last Saturday October 24, 2009, we had yet another incredible experience. The site was an amazing cove on Lake Winnipeg. The moment we set foot on the beach we could feel the power that was amping-up for our adventure. Although the weather was somewhat challenging…the experience was remarkable. As we opened the 3rd Dimension, we could literally feel the earth begin to move, as we opened the 4th Dimension, there was a sense of intensity and pressure. When we opened the 5th Dimension we began to feel the entire beach come into focus (much like the zoom on your camera) and when we tapped into the 6th Dimension the light broke through the rainclouds and we saw for just a brief moment the sun shinning on our beach. The energy of this Crystal Portal was much like feathers floating to the earth…it was soft and gently caressed the planet. Then the energy began to spread outward and each of us in turn experienced an immense love welling up in our hearts followed immediately by a flood of tears that could not be stopped. We all sat there laughing through our tears as we realized the gentle power that we had just invited onto this planet.

What I have surmised from all these experiences is…we are loved so dearly…we are amazingly powerful Beings…so much so, that we are being assisted in our creation of Global Harmony…and…each Crystal Portal represent a specific shift or change for this planet and ourselves. Every one of the Crystal Portal Events has affected a profound change in me…I can hardly wait for the next Event in Findhorn, Scotland on May 24, 2010!!!

Creating WorldWideHarmony by 12-21-2012,

Lauri Cloud

A beautiful Crystal Portal of the third dimension.  It was in our new friends garden.
A beautiful Crystal Portal of the third dimension. It was in our new friends garden.


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