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Crystal Divination

Updated on October 17, 2006

Many people are attracted to a particular stone.

I made this chart to help me remember all the crystals I use for divination. Since I find it so useful, I thought maybe others would too. So here it is.

For more thorough definitions I recommend a book called Love is in the Earth.

Meanings of various stones

There are various methods to determine the metaphysical meaning of a stone.

I take a variety of things into account.

Hold the stone in your left hand. A few lucky people will feel a buzz or a tingle and may know intuitively what that particular stone will do. For example you are holding a piece of tiger-eye. All tiger eye may feel the same to you. Or each individual stone may speak to you differently.

Some stones increase your psychic antenna. If you are already too psychic or too empathic, you may want to avoid wearing that stone or sleeping near it. On the other hand, if you want to be more psychic, you may want to spend more time with that stone.

Say you are not one of those people that can hold a stone and get a vibe from it. Most of us aren't.

My next step would be to go by color.

I used the chakra color system.

From the base of the spine upwards those colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indio/Violet and White.

Red is your primal base chakra. It can be fiery passion or out of control anger. Some red stones include carnelian, red jasper, ruby, or garnet. If your sex drive has been sluggish, wear a red stone. But be cautious, because red can also be aggression.

Orange is a little gentler than red. It is confidence and business acumen. Orange stones include orange calcite, banded agates, citrine, opal, and sunstone.

Yellow is your solar plexus and your stomach area. It is also solar energy and adds confidence and vibrancy. Look for yellow jasper, topaz, gold, pyrite, tiger-eye, and amber.

Green is your heart chakra. Pink is also here. Green stones include jade, emerald, bloodstone, and malachite.

Blue is communication (throat chakra). Blue helps you with calmness, public speaking, empathy and psychic awareness. Blue stones include blue lace agate, falcon's eye, sapphire, opal, moonstone, lapis, turquoise and blue calcite. Pink stones include rose quartz, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, and some agates.

Purple is the color of psychic enlightenment. The third eye chakra is purple or indigo. Purple stones include amethyst, lepidolite, some garnets, and fluorite.

White is the color of the crown chakra and indicates clarity and purity. White is the color of choice for healing. Clear is also considered white. White stones include quartz, moonstone, calcite, talc, Herkimer diamonds, diamonds, and opals.

Black stones ground and balance and center your spirit. Some people find them too powerful. Some examples of black stones are obsidian, labrodorite, and onyx.

If black is too strong for you, choose a gray or brown stone such as smoky quartz, or zebra stone.

Remember, not all diamonds are white, not all opals are black, not all garnets are red. Every stone has it's own personality.

Mediums say that when a stone is no longer useful for you it will either fade or crack, or the chain will break or it will shatter. If you fix a necklace more than once and it keeps breaking, let that one go and find a new one.

Crystal Divination


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