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Dear Dirt I Have a Mop

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Dear Dirt

Dear Dirt,

Wow, you try to get to me with your hidden creep. Now, others may not have recognized you as things are tidy. Still, I saw your annoying particles mounting on the tabletops as the mound formed with gradual yet purposeful anticipation.

I have to admit I am a bit in awe of your persistence, but don’t think for a second that your gathering of dust bunnies in the hidden corners has gone under my radar; I will see you, and I know you are there!

I react to you as you sneak in around me, and while this common thing should not rattle me, you seize me as if pulling me into your web, where the frustration from your presence places me in a tailspin.

Why do I allow you to have power over me, for you are small and barely noticeable? Is it you to attract my belongings and infiltrate my calm, demanding my attention? While I know you are there getting under my skin, I give you a more significant impact than you deserve.

I get overwhelmed by life and want to attend to you, yet more critical things take heed. Thus, the timing of your removal stretches on into another week. Ugh!

It’s not that I haven’t tackled you or attempted to get you under control. As I start the process, I go to another area where I see more of you. I stopped at that moment and figured out the best way to address your attack. If I do a half-decent job, I will not need to bother you for a while.

I know you will find your way back regardless of my attention to you, but never mind, I am cleansing myself of your distraction, giving credence to your repetition. This compulsion to rid my life of you will not prevail, as I have a mop!

I feel a sense of repair and renewal as I wash you away and see the bright reflection you are hiding. I will use the tools at my disposal to limit your return. I realize, Dirt, which will be an ongoing battle, but I am armed and ready, so bring it on!

You, dear Dirt, can’t gain power over me unless I allow your presence to affect my mood, motivation, focus, and my joy in life’s experiences, which are far better than the feelings you bring. Look out, Dirt; I have a dustpan and a mop!


Imperfect me!

We all get dirty sometimes but we have a mop
We all get dirty sometimes but we have a mop | Source

Reflecting on the DIRT in life

As I reflect on my passionate feelings about the build-up of, Dirt and other chores, which had fallen by the wayside in the past few weeks, I became saddened about why I would let any of this bother me, even for a minute.

Why would I give energy to anything that is out of my control due to circumstance? But I did. I gave it attention, even spewing my frustration at all things DIRT. It was a comic reaction, but a symbolic one, as it all became clear to me in retrospect.

My release of frustration came at the things that were overtaking me. The laundry list of general duties I could not get to for various reasons, not even choices as they were life happenings requiring prioritization.

As I reflect on DIRT, it pleased me I prioritized life and love before handling things out of my control. By doing so, God’s Grace comforted me. I again found calm.

This calm in the storm did not mean I would not address the DIRT; in fact, I became even more committed to making a plan to solve it, time slowly and with purpose; however, I will not take time for the needs of others and myself merely to remove Dirt that seeks to distract and annoy.

This conversation with myself brought me to the clarity of my disdain. It was not the dust bunnies or DIRT mounds that bothered me. It was so much more; it is my choice to rid my life of as much sin as possible and know I fail miserably because of many things. I die because of judgments, assumptions, humanism, ignorance, concern over acceptance by others, and lack of knowledge, to name a few.

I find it sad that because one shares or talk about their attempt to clear away the DIRT in their life, with a Christ-centered focus and continual quest for knowledge of Him, it makes one a candidate for ridicule and assumptions that they are presenting a fake perfectionism.

Some assume this focus limits their ability to be accepting of others' dirt. But this is a genuine misconception, for to be honest as a Christian, realize you are with sin, imperfect and unworthy because of your dirt. You also understand it is only with God; that we can clear away the crud! Even when God supplies the mop, we should work out the DIRT together. After all, we get way more done working as a group with a focus.

If you are attempting to be a humble Christian, why would you want to place judgments or assumptions on anyone? No one should ever put down, point fingers, or make anyone feel less than or left out! We should want one thing for everyone. That thing is for each person to feel the love of God in their own heart. To feel guided, loved, and accepted right where they are.

Welcoming and forgiveness are always possible, regardless of situations, as long as one takes responsibility for their actions, repents, and lives for God’s glory and in His Grace.

Christian never means better than anyone else, yet, being a Christian should cause you to recognize your unworthiness and imperfections and your Dirt. At least enough to allow the conscience thought of God’s sacrifice for all sinners, and God willing the Holy Spirit, nags at you to take care of your Dirt or sin daily.

Of course, it’s a process. Some days will go well and others not so well, but it is the continual clearing away that gets the job done. It saddens me the uneasiness I see comes up with people when we use God and His word as our mop, openly using it and sharing Him. I suppose it’s not surprising in this current society, just a little sad. Fear and intimidation limit many from using God when immersed in a sullen crowd.

Teamwork in the cleanup
Teamwork in the cleanup | Source

How about getting bold with your mop?

How about getting bold with your mop, especially if your broom is the cleansing of ’God’s word, the living water? People love to share many topics, and they get excited about them, the next show, a big game, the new fashion statement, our favorite team, hobby, and even our choice of weekend activity. All these things are fantastic to talk about, and I love to hear the new stuff going on in ’people’s lives.

I like the opinionated, the passionate, the funny and sarcastic comedy of some and even the confused and peculiar conversation of a few, as I always want to be a life learner. I want to be that life learned as it relates to God's word, and for that, I will stand proud and honor His teachings. I will present His mop, offer it to others, and even help them, hoping they will help me right back.

People may get uncomfortable with your topic, especially if they don’t know it. But ’that’s okay, listen and be excited for them. Let them know they apply to you because they are. Tell them you care about what matters to them and that they are essential. ’Isn’t it true that most people want to be loved and accepted as they are?

Don’t judge people; you have no right to do that; instead, learn from them and have fun getting to know their reality. Then they will do the same for you. They may confuse what they don’t understand as a natural defense.

Eventually, they will let down their guard, take you as you are, and let you be you, and that is why it is essential to use ’God’s mop in your daily life. This way, others can see it is a viable option for all to clean houses. Allow them to know the word of God; grace and mercy are new each day, there for all who seek Him with an open heart.

Stand tall and be you as the Christian work in progress that we all are. It may not be your most essential role on the outside, but on the inside, it will come together as you work on it.

God sees you trying and succeeding. He even sees you failing, but He will never let you go. Let your light shine, smile as they laugh, and never let your fire go out. Shine for Him; His grace looks good on you.

Just ask Him in. He has already invited you to the party. His invitation is always open. Adding Him to our conversations is beneficial and most important because many want to believe. The world beats them down, moving them farther away from the fundamental truth that God loves them, and they may allow fear taking over separating them from the reality of ’God’s promises.

You, too, may be afraid of what others think? How about letting go of that dirt? God has the perfect mop to clear it away and give you your sparkle!

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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