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Deepavali, A Major Hindu Festival in India

Updated on October 26, 2011
Deepavali Light
Deepavali Light

festivals are to share happiness

The festival of light, Deepavali, is a major Hindu festival which is cordially celebrated each year in India and other parts of the world. The people belonging to Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism are also happily celebrating this auspicious day. It comes on the new moon day of every October or November of the year. Deepavali notes the victory of good things against evil things. There are many stories connected with the celebration of Deepavali in India itself. In South India it is told that it is celebrated to note the victory of Lord Krishna against the demon Naragasur. In some other parts of North India people are celebrating this day to note the arrival of Lord Rama to Ayodthi after the completion of 14 years exile whereas the other group of people are giving significance to the deity of wealth Goddess Lakshmi on this day.

Oil bath or Ganga Isnan on Deepavali

On that day people will wake up early in the morning and take oil bath or Ganga isnan which has been a traditional health habit of India for many decades. About 50 ml of coconut oil is applied on head and body before taking bath. Some spices like pepper and garlic pieces in the small amount is also added with coconut oil before boiling in order to get the medicinal properties of them. Instead of toilet soap people are using a green colored herbal powder (soap nut powder) and sikkakai powder to rinse on the head to remove the applied oil when they are taking oil bath. It is also called as Ganga isnan. Here isnan means bath. On that auspicious day water from river Ganges, the holy river of the Hindu people, is taken in a small quantity and mixed with the total water in which they are going to take bath. However. very little proportion of the people will follow this habit on that day.


Shopping And Preparation to Celebrate Deepavali

On nearing days of the festival, the bazaars of all the cities of India will be rushed with the people showing their extreme interest on purchasing new cloths, furnitures and favorite electronic goods. Shoppers will announce special Deepavali discount to attract the people as well as to increase their sales in that time. People will also make variety of sweets and snacks to add spirit to the festival. Many people will purchase ready made sweets from the shops which will reach the peak of sales on those days.

Worshipping the GOD

After finishing the oil bath, people will worship and thank GOD by placing all new cloths, prepared sweets, snacks and firecrackers in their pooja room. The children and youngsters will get blessing from the leaders of family on that day. Many people will like to meet thier favorite and respectable persons to receive greetings and blessings on this prosperous day. Many people of the country will visit the temples located in their area to worship God.


Firecrackers, additional attraction of Deepavali

The children, youngsters and all the other people will showi their great interest to light firecrackers on this day. There are many varieties of firecrackers manufactured in Sivakasi of Tamil Nadu in India. To avoid accidents people will be very careful when they light firecrackers as they want to run a peaceful Deepavali. Thousands of labourers get involved in this firecracker industries will be benefited by the sales of firecrackers though it seems a waste of money.

Entertainment on Deepavali

Mass of people will be attracted by the variety of TV programs on this happy day. People usually enjoy the TV programs related with their favorite cine stars. On the same day many new movies will be released througout the country. People would like to enjoy the day by going to new movies with their friends and relatives.

Expressing love to friends and relatives

By presenting sweet packets and gifts and sending greetings, people will express their love to their friends and relatives. This great day is also leaving a chance of expressing love to the people belonging to the religions other than Hinduism. Especially in secular countries in India it is an appreciable habit to share happiness with the other religious people. The private and government companies of India are encouraging and appreciating their workers by offering Deepavali bonus.


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