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DNA, Twins & Reincarnation – The Theory of DNA Genetic Coding is Connected to Predestination

Updated on February 27, 2013

When young children are asked the right questions, such as "what did you do when you were big? Who were you when you were big?" they can sometimes tell you quite a bit about their previous lives.

DNA and reincarnation can't be physically linked so DNA testing would not verify reincarnation. DNA is related to the physical body, not the spiritual body. Reincarnation is the spiritual body coming back again and again. Does this disprove reincarnation? We consider reincarnation a theory and you can't prove theories valid, you can only invalidate them. Reincarnation has yet to be invalidated. In situations where parents have discovered shockingly solid links to what a child says and actual deceased people, there's a strong case in favor of reincarnation, but that doesn't qualify as the physical evidence needed to convince the strongest skeptics. In our view, "proof" is unimportant because whether the past life recall is real or subconscious metaphor, past-life exploration is a fantastic self-discovery and healing tool.

As we've stated before, we don't believe in "chance". For example, it's common to receive confirmations after experiencing a past life regression, such as researching and corroborating names and dates received in regression or later meeting people who somehow fit into the puzzle.

As identical twins, we have identical DNA, yet our unique personalities and distinct physical differences point to the idea that human life is much more than just biological science. One must consider the influence of spirit too; every body is occupied by a unique soul and the qualities and detriments of that soul shine through in physical form.

While we find hereditary and environmental scientific theories interesting, including the idea that much of character is determined by genes/DNA, we view them as superficial in relation to the migration of the soul and other non-physical considerations; spiritual considerations overshadow mundane, modern-scientific, earthly ones, just as the vast universe overshadows this planet.

We feel that the theory of DNA genetic coding, which represents predetermined physical, emotional, and psychological makeup and is supported by behavioral geneticists, is connected to predestination in that souls choose the most appropriate bodies for what needs to be experienced on Earth. In this line of thinking, the decisions one makes once in the body on a personality level (including those relating to relationships and children), the way they "choose" to act and emotionally react, the way they think, and thus the way they behave, are largely fated. We see truth in this philosophy because we regularly and consistently outline all of the aforementioned personality dynamics, along with past, present, and future conditions and circumstances through our work, thereby decisively and repeatedly substantiating the concept of fate.

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      8 years ago

      Regarding reincarnation. Here is what I think. If you take a deck of cards and shuffle them. The order the cards are in can be duplicated if you shuiffle enough times. The odds may be high but eventually they will replicate the same order as the first time.

      As Carl Sagan stated we are all star dust. Since time marches on eternally, never ending. Someday, us pieces of stardust will be reshuffled into the exact same order.


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