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Updated on May 12, 2017

A great question of debate isn’t it? When I was, young church was a serious thing. You sat straight in your pew prim and proper and did not move. You closed your eyes when you prayed. You dressed in your Sunday best. God and Church was a serious thing! This never sat right with me, cause God never showed signs that you had to be so prim in proper for him, to worship him. In fact, in the bible it is advised we sing, dance, rejoice Psalms 94:8 is just one of the many verses that claim we should shout, be jubilant unto the Lord, so why not laugh? Still many are still stuck in seriousness as I found out in my new-found husband. He witnessed my jovial relationship I had with God in one of our morning prayers. You see we always say a prayer out loud before he heads off to work every day. When he witnesses my joking while praying he was appalled. I was stung! Was I wrong? Either way, I apologized and we moved on. That is until I joked with God on another daily prayer I had voiced…out loud. You see my husband had decided to join in on our church special month-long group fasting where each week you cut out something till you are down to just liquids for the last couple days of the month. Sadly, this has not been a spiritual experience for him as we got to week 3 and its NO MEATS. Grumpy Dad/ husband demon has now appeared. In this time of adversary, what is a stressed wife/Mother to do? I decided to pray… and I did it out loud.

Dear Lord Thank you for this beautiful day. For letting us wake up together to be together again. I pray for my husband to help him with this fast. Give him strength Lord to not be grumpy. He is fasting this is to be the spiritual moving thing to grow closer to you God. Maybe it’s the meat and sugar demons that are being cast out of him I do not know.” I stop bursting into laughter then winced knowing my husband’s serious views on God and praying. I cover my tracks saying, “Sorry for joking Lord. But in my defense, you said it, Lord. It was divinely cast down from God into me. Let’s fast as a church they say. Be like Jesus they say. Well, why do you think Jesus went into the wilderness to fast? Cause he knew we would be grumpy and maybe murder one of his disciple's for a slice of bread!”

Ba Da Bum! Luckily my husband was too into his Facebook to really catch all I said. I awaited the blasphemous punishment from God but nothing happened instead he said, you should write, an article on that! So, I did! It’s something to think about. A good topic Starter for a spiritual discussion. Does God REALLY have a sense of humor? Can he? Why could he not? In Exodus 34:14(KJV) it says: “

It’s something to think about. A good topic starter for a philosophical discussion. Does God REALLY have a sense of humor? Can he? Why could he not? In Exodus 34:14(KJV) it says: “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:” Now if God can be jealous we know he can have emotions.Why then could he not laugh? Now your mind may get curious to test this out by starting your prayer talk with, Dear Lord thank you for this day…so a duck and a bear walks into bar… That is not the kind of sense of humor with God I am referring too. In conclusion, we all walk with God privately in our own way. In my walk with God, he has a sense of humor along with is never ending love and forgiveness. In my walk with God, he is my Father and I am his daughter, we talk as such. I ask him questions. I ask for his thoughts. I get angry with him. He gets angry with me back. I cry. He cries. I believe in him, he believes in me. I crack a witty joke, yes God laughs. As that old saying goes “Doesn’t God have a funny way of showing you things.”

Question solved.


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    • JannyC profile image

      JannyC 6 months ago

      Nice thoughts Paul thank you!

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 9 months ago from east coast,USA

      I think that we are doing God's work any time we help some one smile. Having a healthy sense of humor, a cruel free humor, is a part of the goodness of God that we all share. I live my life with these ideas in mind but I do not push them on others if I believe they would be something that would not help them smile. Also I would not want to be responsible for any one else to have the same problems that I will have at those pearly gates, in case I am wrong! Have a nice day.