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DORIAN'S MYSTERIES REVEALED: Rosslyn Chapel and the Devil's Music

Updated on November 1, 2012

Rosslyn Green man


Dorian’s latest revelations about Rosslyn Chapel

After Dan Brown’s book ‘the Davinci Code’ people got enormously interested in the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where important revelations in the film ‘The Davinci Code‘ took place. Dorian added his research to the heap of unresolved mysteries. Together with his sister Hermesse James he dove deep into the enormous amount of information that offered some intriguing answers to the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel

Why is everybody so interested in Rosslyn Chapel?

  • Apart from the fact that Rosslyn Chapel played a big part in the ‘Davinci Code’ it was already known that the Rosslyn Chapel differed a lot from the way most Roman Catholic chapels were built.
  • The Rosslyn Chapel always had that aura of mystery around a possible treasure that might be hidden under the chapel.
  • There have been rumors through the ages that there was a connection between Rosslyn Chapel and the Doomed Order of the Knights Templar and the Freemasons.

In this Hub Dorian will reveal the answers he found regarding the Rosslyn Chapel.

Short History of the Rosslyn Chapel

  • In 1446 the building of the Rosslyn Chapel was started by William St. Clair or Sinclair (1410–1484) who was the 11th Baron of Roslin. When William St. Clair died in 1484, he was buried in the vault of the unfinished Chapel of Rosslyn.
  • His son Oliver St. Clair never continued the building of the Chapel.
  • In 1571 funds for maintenance of the Chapel stopped due to the Scottish reformation. The already badly maintained Chapel stopped being used for religious purposes.
  • In 1688 the Chapel was badly damaged by an anti-Catholic mob.
  • Only in the beginning of the 19th century restoration of the chapel was started.
  • In 1861 services were given again in the Chapel.
  • In 2000 interest in the Rosslyn Chapel bloomed after Dan Brown published his novel 'The Davinci Code

Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel revealed or researched through the ages

  • The chapel has many statues or sculptured images that have led people to believe that the Rosslyn Chapel hides a code.
  • Excavations in the 19th century have revealed that the fundaments of the ‘frame’ of the chapel continue 27.7 meters from the Western entrance of the Chapel.
  • Architects found out that Rosslyn Chapel resembles, or is a copy, of the 2nd Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, Israel when it was destroyed in 70 AD. The old Freemasons’ rituals show a key to understand Rosslyn’ central plan. It is concluded that something very valuable must have been buried under this ‘new temple of Solomon.’
  • The chapel’s orientation is East-West and is situated on the old 0 Meridian, which is also called the Roseline or Meridian of Paris.
  • Recent years have showed the sculptured stones are probably part of a musical piece or code.

The Mystery of the Singing Stones or the Rosslyn Motet

In 2007 pianist and composer Stuart Mitchell and his father T.J. Mitchell discovered a series of carved patterns on small blocks in the Rosslyn Chapel, which contained hidden music notes.

By way of their research and use of the science of cymatics (science of sound-wave phenomenon) they were able to decipher this code on those blocks and were able to compose the ‘Roslyn Motet.’ (Motet is the name for specific music compositions, which is performed by human voices.) Mitchell’s Motet sounds ‘heavenly,’ like music from heaven.

The Devil’s music?

Brian Allan, co-director of Scotland’s Paranormal Encounters Group (PEG) has researched Rosslyn Chapel together with his wife Anne since 1992. His opinion about the music Mitchell discovered in the code on the stones is that: “it is the devil’s music.”

He says: “I am convinced that Mitchell knows what he does, but some of the blocks are missing.” He also states, that according to him the blocks don’t form a music score, but something that is called ‘The Devils chord.’

The Devil’s chord is known as a low frequency sound, as low as 80-110 Herz. In the middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church forbade musicians to play those tones. The R.C. Church believed that people who would here this chord would get into a specific spiritual state that was bad for them.

Brian Allan, who is also the Scottish director of the Strange Phenomena Investigation (SPI) Group believes that the ‘Devil’s chord’ has been ‘inserted’ in the Chapel by William St. Clair as an evil accusation towards the Vatican, as the Vatican assisted in the destruction of the Order of Knights Templar in 1312. Brian Allan says that St. Clair hid the ‘Devil’s element’ in the Chapel within heavenly music.


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    • Afanasiya Lukina profile image

      Afanasiya Lukina 4 years ago

      Happy to be here as well. Should go and see it. I like secrets that are partly revealed. Great explanation!

    • R Dorian Grey profile image

      Richard Dorian Grey 5 years ago from London

      Happy to be here, at last! Have fun with The Devil's music in Rosslyn Chapel