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Updated on November 9, 2012

Nostradamus and Gaddafi's death

Excl. creation for R. Dorian Grey' s article on Nostradamus and Gaddafi
Excl. creation for R. Dorian Grey' s article on Nostradamus and Gaddafi | Source

M. Gaddafi died 20 October 2011

Gaddaffi | Source



was a prophet who lived from 1503-1566. He wrote his prophecies in cryptic verses called quatrains in a book called his Centuries. He used a code, that has until now not been decoded, except for the claims of Hermesse James.

Hermesse James wrote about Nostradamus vision on Libya and it is clearly to be seen on her site, that the last time she changed it was on 12-06-2011. She did not touch that page anymore after 12-06-2011 as Nostradamus wrote: "that times would be rough between May (2011) and October."

Nostradamus' prophecies about Libya (From Erica Cheetham's book: The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus)

Century IV. LXII (4.62)

A colonel intrigues driven by ambition

He will seize the greater part of the army

Against his Prince he has false intentions

He will descend his flag.”


  • Gaddafi, the new leader of Libya, after he overthrew King Idris of Libya in1969, insisted to be called ‘Colonel.’ Although there were a few Colonels' regimes in history, there are no leaders known by the name of ‘Colonel’ but Gaddafi.
  • Gaddafi succeeded in having the bigger part of the kings army follow him in 1969.
  • Nostradamus calls the King Prince, which is the name in those days for the ‘First in the Country.’
  • Gaddafi exchanged the King’s flag for his own.

I.XXVIII (1.28)

Tobruk will fear the Barbarian for a long time

The Western ship will lose men and properties,

just like the others

What a struggle between May and October!


  • Tobruk turned out to be the first town where enormous fighting took place in the Libyan revolution against Gaddafi in 2011.
  • Tobruk was also the first town to be victorious against Gaddafi.
  • Allied forces tried to bring in ships to take out people of Libya away from the revolution.
  • According to Hermesse James the American Boeing 747, (air-ship) that was brought down by Libyans in Lockerbie 21 December 1988 is also meant in this verse.
  • Nostradamus calls Gaddafi a ‘barbarian.’ Apart from the fact that Gaddafi used barbaric means to keep himself on his ‘throne’ he always insisted that he lived in a tent.
  • The sentence about fighting between May and October (2011) turned out to be striking.
  • Hermesse James actually hit the nail on the head there.


Is it true that Nostradamus living in the 16th century could foresee things that would happen in 2011? One would almost say he did, after researching this.


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