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Updated on November 1, 2012
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A Falling Angel upheld by SS ropes
A Falling Angel upheld by SS ropes
A Falling Angel upheld by SS ropes


Brian Allen’s observations that the Rosslyn Motet was not heavenly music but probably the Devil’s Chord might not be untrue at all. It’s a hard thing to consider, but let’s regard the possibility of the Devil’s presence in the Chapel.

There is a sculpture in a beam that shows an angel falling down (out of the clouds, or heaven?) He is upside down and ropes are wound around him. The ropes show two SS.


The only angel that became the Fallen Angel was Lucifer: according to Isaiah 14:12, King James Bible “…How you have fallen from heaven Lucifer, (morning star or Phosphorus,) son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!(…) But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. “

In religious explanations Lucifer, Satan and Devil are considered to be one person. It is just that this angel in the Chapel is not yet at the bottom of the pit. The ropes keep him up, although it is evident the angel lost his place above, in heaven.

The ropes form two SS which often are interpreted as 'Solis Sacerdotibus.' There are two meanings for Solis in Latin: Solis as Sun and Solis as ‘Only.’ The meaning of Sacerdotibus is ‘the Initiated’ or ‘The Priesthood.’

If ‘Solis’ would refer to the sun, with the Angel falling down one could make the assumption the sculpture is about a Sun, falling down, if not kept up by the ‘Initiated Ones.’ That might very well refer to Lucifer who is also known as the 'Morning Star' or the 'Shining One.' Lucifer has not fallen down yet, as ropes from the initiated keep him from disappearing in the pit.

This may serve the conclusion that the designer of this sculpture wants the world to know that the Devil is still in the church. Help from the ‘Initiated or Priests’ by means of the ropes keep him in the Chapel and away from the pit. That is a bad accusation for the men of the cloth. Instead of keeping the Devil out of the Chapel by their teachings, they are actually accused by the designer of the sculpture, that they keep the Devil inside.

Another accusation is that Solis Sacerdotibus is combined with: 'The Only Religion is the Truth. That may seem like a strange statement inside a chapel. Many religious groups consider those words 'the devil's own words.'

On the other hand: if you embrace the meaning of the 'Falling Angel' as described in this article the symbolism becomes clearer: religion of the priesthood is seen lower than the truth. The ropes, bound by the priests keep the Devil from falling in the pit, as long as the Truth has not been revealed.

Regarding the SS (Solis Sacerdotibus):

There are other explanations for the words ‘Solis Sacerdotibus’: In Egyptian architecture, the pyramids had a capstone called pyramidion,(or solis sacerdotibus) usually of granite and covered in gold leaf to reflect the rays of the sun. In sunrise it looked like the stone through whose power the phoenix arises, rejuvenated from the ashes.

If we look at the Knights Templar connection with Rosslyn Chapel: most of the Knights Templar were executed at the stake, they were burned to ‘ashes.’ Does the designer of the sculpture mean that one day they will rise again as a Phoenix from the ashes?

People hiding from the Rosslyn Devil


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