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Dad I want to be God! Son What is a Penny Worth not even a Rand.

Updated on April 26, 2015
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Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

Dad I want to be God. Son What is a Penny worth not Even RAND


Dad I want to be a God Son what is a penny worth not Even a rand

Dad I want to be a God! Son: What is a penny worth? (not even a rand)

Dad what is a penny worth‎?
Not even a rand: Son.
Dad I have 3 rands I can not even get myself a
soda drink.

Son let me ask you, what is on your mind?

my dreams...

Son that is the world!

That is priceless......

Beware of the thoughts you harbour, they are
seeds ‎and dwell in your heart.
Before you know it you have lost self to
the cravings of habits which you lust and can
never ‎be satisfied.

Time is precious, treasure it, spend it doing what
brings ‎you fruits of comfort, compassion, love
and growth.

What is it that you desire son while you are still
on earth?

Dad I know this is blasphemy.
I would love to lecture psychology.
Become a philosopher.
I am a poet.

My deepest love is to be a God.

Just like Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Benedict Bach
Spinoza, come to think of it, just like you and mum
dad, In my reality.

Son you foolish! brave which means you
defiantly ‎dumb.
Foolish? Dad that is such a noble thought.....

Dad the reason the world is filled with all this
misery, when we sin we are told to pray
only to sin again.

If we were thought from a tender age we were
groomed to nurture all that comes to our mind.
Surely we would not let darkness dwell
In our temple.

Evil is fuelled by ignorance......

Evil is like weed it sucks the life out of a flower
I plant. Both species are from nature one thrives
on sunshine ‎one thrives on the life of the
flourishing species.


Evolution when cells multiply, different forms
of life came into being. Lush vegetation,
mountains ,wild life, seasons.

Dad I could never create life, not even should I
be blessed ‎with a bride and have a daughter and

When i say I would like to be God.

I mean I can remember my first thought on earth.

For Bongiwe dearest to be cosy on earth.
To thank you and mum for creating me out
of love, and the universe for blessing my path
with lessons that gave me the depth to write my
beautiful‎ dreams which dwell in the reality of
my exsistance.

Jabu Black Dillinger Ncala age 94 is 61 years away
until we can chill as spiritual diamonds.
May the angels guide and nourish my soul

My Shadow.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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