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Dad you keep visiting me in my dreams, you are my shadow.

Updated on June 24, 2015

Dad you are my Shadow.


Dad you keel visiting me in my dreams,you are my shadow.

Dad You keep visiting me in my dreams,my ‎shadow.

I had this dream some time in 2013.

Then I had a similar Dream in 2015 June 7.

The first part of the dream 2013.

It was very bright but sad.

I saw a leopard female it was lean it's coat of fur

was glowing.

The leopard stood besides a hill a gentle slope.

We were separated by a small

stream ‎of water, I laid on the other side of the hill.

Analysis of the Dream.

The female Leopard represented ‎a pure women,

which was fertile and the earth she was living on.

She ‎was faithful and all her needs were taken care

Yet I doubted myself I felt as though I can not have


I could not take care of her.

I was not ready for her glory.

The second dream.

Was Beautiful, She was Mine.

How the dream begin?

I woke up.

I was laying flat on the ground in the velt, some

where in nature‎.

The Leopard rested besides me.on my left had

‎Her coat was teething,

She was calm and as beautiful as ever.

I laid unconscious........

Then I realised there was a Python Besides ME‎...

It's head lied in the palm of my right hand.

It's Purpose was to put me to Rest.

Kill Me.....

Then a voice whispered to me.....

I was sleeping within a dream.......

It said kill it...

I shook my head once to the left, I did not want to


Yet where would I get the strength?

I shook my head to the right.........

And I squeezed with all my might and strength.


Then there was silence.

The wind was dancing on the earth in perfect

The voice echoed you are Great.

You are just like your Father.

In the memory of Dad Jabu Black Dillinger Ncala‎.

Love, Nkosinathi

Gods Poet Nkosi


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    • profile image

      Gods Poet Nkosi 2 years ago

      sisi Wendy

      the Hub is personal and touching. I let myself down I was smoking cannibus and cigerretes.

      I have had assune girl friends.

      I was just not taking care.

      I have quit cannibus. close to quitting cigerettes.

      My grooming is up to scratch.

      once I quit cigerettes.

      I think I will be able to attract a adiquate soul mate.

      I spend money wisely.

      have a wicked sense of romance and humour.

      I beleive there is someone special out there for me.

      yet I want to say my vows once in this lifetime.

      so I will be patient.

      count my chickens before they hatch.

      I want my family to be cosy.

      I will leave no stone unturned,

      in my pursuit for happiness.....

    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      Obviously this is a very personal tribute and it's quite touching.