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Daily Playing Card 18th April 2012

Updated on April 18, 2012

8 Hearts

8 Hearts
8 Hearts | Source

8 Hearts ♥ - 18th April 2012

Today's card is the 8 of Hearts ♥

This suggests that in some area of your life you will likely experience, or be given the choice of perfect harmony or stinging dissatisfaction. It will be in actual fact an all or nothing position.

Assume you will be need to make a terminating decision about a certain situation.

If this connects to friendships or a partnership that is not progressing, it will need to now stop or transform in some significant way. You nonetheless must continue to be positive.

In a different aspect of your dealings you will have to have to turn a blind eye to a situation. You will also be overlooking and forgetting a certain argument. You will probably now see much plainly a different side to a situation.

This is a time when you must essentially be very patient.

You will make a discover in connection with a friendly relationship, that it is now advancing significantly to a much greater degree. A friendship turns now to love with a new amount of affection being enjoyed by both people. There likely will be rejoicing, feasting, drinking and taking joy in their new position to the fullest level of celebration.


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