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Daily Playing Card 26th April 2012

Updated on April 26, 2012

Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Diamonds | Source

Today's Card is the Queen of Diamonds ♦

Today I have definitely been drawn away, thus the late arrival of today's playing card. It has been certainly a day of plenty of activities and many dialogues. So with no additional to-do I now look to the card which I picked out of my Deck of Cards early on today. I am certain that it will definitely stand as one of the more alluring online readings that I have delivered.

It is the Queen of Diamonds and is the first picture card that I have drawn on ever since I began to bring you these Daily Card Readings.

So precisely how to interpret such a card to all of you. Spirit guides me to assess her and for you to feel if she takes on any aspect in your life and if so in exactly what way. Spirit will lead you the remainder of the way.

Here she is: -

sensual, feminine with authority
sensual, feminine with authority | Source

I see a very functional female, most fertile. This is a woman that attempts and prefers to provide protection to everyone. With her very pale skin, fair hair and brilliant blue eyes everyone notices her. She oozes feminality and is the quintessence of womanly sensuality.

This is a woman of tremendous tenacity physically and mentally, she absolutely understands her own mind. She can come across as rather iron-handed and assertive. She loves to hold a level of authority that is for certain. This involves the most nonpublic sections of her life where she is most happiest when she is extremely comfortable to use her intimate expertness and supremacy to the ultimate effect. People can see the mysteries she holds behind her eyes.

With an active career, she can certainly be found to be excellent in business and always puts her career first. She is nevertheless highly successful at managing business and home life with extraordinary preciseness and calm.

When the time is right for her she will become an efficient and sensitive mother. Generally she will decide to become a mother later on in life, when she is ready and on her terms.

In all areas of her life she is well cherished not just my family and friends but even acquaintances are mesmerized or just simply fall for her.

This woman has a high amount of potency and is always a positive force. Many woman are privately envious of her. She exhibits such a great degree of calm and discipline. With such self confidence this is a woman that attracts many admirers.

She is fond company and enjoys social connections at all levels. For the few that she picks to allow to know her on a more intimate level she endows benefactions of hedonic passion and satisfaction that they may indeed never forget.

a very typical queen of diamonds
a very typical queen of diamonds | Source


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