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Daily Proverbs - Proverb 12:13&14

Updated on April 3, 2013

Why Proverbs?

The wealthiest man who ever lived wrote the proverbs. He must've known something! Although the Bible was written millenia ago, its contents actually are applicable and beneficial today. When eternal principals and laws (not talking about the ten commandments when I write "law" here. I am referencing governing systems that are alive, whether we know it or not! I believe Solomon understood these "laws".) are honored, your life will benefit, even if you don't adhere to the Judaeo-Christian beliefs contained in the rest of the Bible.

Proverb 12:13 & 14

An evil man is trapped by his rebellious speech, but a righteous one escapes from trouble. A man will be satisfied with good by the words of his mouth, and the work of a man's hands will reward him. -- Proverb 12:13&14

Eternal laws work continually. When we understand them and honor them, there is great reward. Even when we don't understand them, we still reap the benefits of honoring them through action, even not in heart, but we still reap the consequences of transgression, even if not deliberate - back to gravity and Grandma's antique vase is still going to break if your two year old (who does not understand the law of gravity) drops it on a tile floor. As you read the account of today's activity in my family, visualize the laws being in effect.

My husband graduated from college today. He is 48 years old, we have five children, and run our own business from home. He was admitted three years ago at his former university on "academic probation" because his first "tour" there he rebelled against the purpose of attending university. He had a whopping 1.81 gpa when he left the university to attend a smaller college and a golf school, where he earned two degrees. This was in the 80s, his first "round" at the university. His second round began Fall of '09. New degree, so basically, he was starting almost from scratch.

The "speech" (think: actions speak louder than words) of his first year and a half at the university were rebellious against the purpose of attending an educational institute: he did not study, he partied, he was late to class. Although he earned two ASes from the other two colleges, when he changed careers about 10 years ago, he discovered he needed the four-year degree.

As mentioned, when he applied for readmission some 25 years later, he was admitted on academic probation. He did not have the freedom for mistakes that those beginning school with a fresh slate may enjoy. However, his mindset for attending school was fair and equitable. It was just. He wanted to do correctly, to do right. He studied. He spent late nights cracking books. T-ball and Little League games saw him in the bleachers with a backpack, laptop, notebooks and textbooks, peeking up when one our sons was up to bat.

After the first year, he received a phone call - the University was offering a scholarship to him for which he had not even applied. Fast forward another year, he was being awarded Computer Science Student of the Year - from a pool of students that includent academia from the Middle East, India, China, the States -- in a University reknown for its School of Computer and Information Sciences, with it, another scholarship. He was awarded a couple of other scholarships in between. I suppose you've inferred he was in no danger of academic suspension. He made dean's or president's list every semester -- while raising five children and running a business, and serving as President of a local AMC chapter.

During the past three years, our children have observed the investment my husband has made, knowing it was for the benefit of our family. We felt the sacrifice, too. We missed him. We grew tired at times of the rigor. But, we encouraged ourselves and my husand, "Only XX more semesters," to "only one more semester" to "a couple of weeks" to today.

A man will be satisfied with good by the words of his mouth, and the work of a man's hands will reward him. People mistaken the Bible for a book that one has to approach almost with a detatchment, that somehow it is almost nebulous in application. However, today, I see these scriptures as clear as day, as I see the graduates enter the packed stadium to receive their degrees. As I remember my son's teacher tell me this morning at the 5k race he ran, "He's been so excited about his dad's graduation. He's been talking about it for weeks." We, as a family, are satisfied with the words of our mouths, with the work of our hands and my husband's hand. Not merely in the parchment etched with black ink declaring the education and training received at the University, but in the tablets of our hearts with the lessons of life learned: do your best the first time, do your best and there is reward. God is faithful to His promises. My husband was rewarded through financial gain in scholarships and in posterity of reputation in his University and amongst his peers.

When we look at his degree in future days - we will remember the lessons learned that helped to frame our future, our children's mindsets. How God prospered our efforts multipily - teaching my husband, our family, our neighbors, our children, our children's friends. The work of my husband's hands have been rewarded greatly - with an indelible fulfillment and joy.


Unless otherwise noted, all scripture is from the Holman Christian Study Bible; all Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic references are from Strong's Concordance; all English definitions and word roots are according to Merriam-Webster.


Creator of Heaven and Earth and Governor of Eternal Laws, thank You that even when we trap ourselves from rebellious thought and actions, Your hand is not shortened to deliver us. When we choose what is just, right, equitable, fair, You cause us to be satisfied and rewarded. Expose any rebellion in my life or heart, that I may turn from it and no longer be ensared; whether I am rebelling against Your command to forgive and continue to hold a grudge or bitterness, or I am rebelling against purpose for the season I am in (whether that is as a parent, student, employer or employee, athlete, friend, in-law) what ever its purpose or my role(s), show me. Thank You for strength and wisdom to turn from rebellious ways that I may be satisfied with good by the words of my mouth, and the work of my hands will reward me. Thank You.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Thank You

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      Thank you, MsLofton, for reading and commenting.

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      thank you, honey for writing this.

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