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Daily Proverbs: Proverb 8:5

Updated on April 3, 2013

Why Proverbs?

The wealthiest man who ever lived wrote the proverbs. He must've known something! Although the Bible was written millenia ago, its contents actually are applicable and beneficial today. When eternal principals and laws (not talking about the ten commandments when I write "law" here. I am referencing governing systems that are alive, whether we know it or not! I believe Solomon understood these "laws".) are honored, your life will benefit, even if you don't adhere to the Judaeo-Christian beliefs contained in the rest of the Bible


Unless otherwise noted, all scripture is from the Holman Christian Study Bible; all Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic references are from Strong's Concordance; all English definitions and word roots are according to Merriam-Webster.

Proverb 8:5

Learn to be shrewd, you who are inexperienced; develop common sense, you who are foolish. -- Proverb 8:5

Sounds a bit harsh to be called "inexperienced" or "foolish". But in reality, calling something what it is is not harsh - rather, helpful. To be inexperienced is not necessarily a fault - just, well, lack of experience. Age, education, life journey are all factors to experience levels. Some things come by experience - yet, some things can be learned through someone else's experience without you having to repeat their mistakes.

"Learn to be shrewd" - what does that mean? To be shrewd means, "marked by clever discerning awareness," according to Merriam-Webster. Can one be discerning without experience? I think so. How? By studying and learning from those who are experienced. Proverb 8 is a narrative by the personhood of Wisdom. Wisdom instructs the "simple" (some translations render this rather than "inexperienced") to learn to be shrewd. Why would there be instruction for something unattainable/undoable? I don't think there would.

The other sect of people to whom Wisdom calls in this proverb are the foolish. Now, being foolish is a fault because being foolish comes from personal decision. Wisdom instructs the foolish to "develop common sense".

We have all met the description of one of the two persons: inexperienced or foolish. One is because of age and circumstances beyond our control, the other is because of poor personal decision. The good news is -- either place is still a good place to begin obtaining wisdom. There is not an excuse not to better yourself. No matter how young you are, or how many mistakes you've made, this passage clearly instructs YOU CAN CHANGE. I think that is GREAT news! You can be discerning. You can be marked with your wise choices, even if in the past all people knew you for were your poor choices.

How? Begin to ask for wisdom as well as for ears to hear "her", and a heart to receive "her" instruction. You don't have to remain a fool. Step into your future, leave poor pattern thought and ill-motivation behind. Reach for your future -- make tomorrow better by learning -- even just a little bit -- today. A little every day. That's why the instruction is "develop common sense" -- not simply "be instantly wise". To develop something is a process. A process takes steps. The first step is to acknowledge foolish ways -- even if your entire life is not marked by foolery, I believe we all have room for improvement. We all have room to learn.


Maker of the Universe,

Reveal to me any foolishness. I know it is ok to have a sense of humor, You designed laughter. I'm talking about any pattern of thought or habit or even motive that does not produce goodness or a full life. I ask You to expose it in my heart. Teach me to develop wisdom, discernment and common sense in every area of my life. Show me where I can improve so that I may live life to the fullest.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading! I hope this hub helps you journey successfully in life.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks again for stopping by!


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    • breathe2travel profile image

      breathe2travel 5 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      Thank you bearnmom for reading & commenting. I am glad you enjoyed. :)

    • anndavis25 profile image

      anndavis25 5 years ago from Clearwater, Fl.

      Proverbs are letters to us from Solomon. I read a letter from him almost daily.

      Nice hub.

    • bearnmom profile image

      Laura L Scotty 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

      Thank you for a common sense look at the proverbs. It is wise to ask for instruction. Never pass up an opportunity to learn and asking the Almighty for help is the right way to start. Well done.