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Dancing With My Father

Updated on November 3, 2009

Conversation With Christian Co-Workers

This particular morning I arrived at the station, got my ticket, and proceeded down the wide, new, brightly lit corridor. I glimpsed coming towards me from down the hall, a neatly dressed man in his early 50's pressed shirt. I was looking down in my purse when I heard a voice say "Can I have this dance?" I looked up and he had beautiful gray eyes and the station was playing Aretha Franklin's "Day Dreamin and Thinking of You" and I said to him the song makes you want to.

As I walked down the corridor to catch my train, a guy was sitting on the bench and was looking at me I guess trying to figure out what just happened. I kind of chuckled to myself. "I thought to myself, I just had a "Dance With My Father!"

Some would say that this was not a "spiritual" encounter but the conversation of yesterday was "taking the limits off of God" IMMEDIATELY came to me. I took my single-seat on the train and I felt so blessed! It was as if that man had given me a million dollars. Out of all the women he had passed along the corridor, he choose me to dance with!

The scripture that came me was the one where David danced out of his clothes...sidebar: I plan to KEEP my clothes on!

It, also, reminded of the scripture that states "many are CALLED, but few are chosen!" Today, I was chosen and I knew I was. I didn't need anyone to tell me. I didn't need a choir singing in the background. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Holy Spirit was embracing and covering me with His love.


A Father

A father is one called to love, protect, and give guidance to those in his family or his house.  We have often limited that to the one who is called our biological parent but with so many broken households, you will find that other men step up to fulfill the role of a father.

We understand the role of fatherhood with our first exposure to it.  Some of our fathers were stern, loving, kind, or even absent.  With this exposure we then look to our Heavenly Father.  What we eventually will learn as we develop a deeper spiritual relationship is that He is all those things good and stern but never absent.

It is His strength that we seek when we have become overwhelmed by the antics of others and the daily journey of life.

Why Are Fathers Necessary

In such a time of single-parented household, most of the time you will find the woman trying to be both father and mother. I just had this conversation with my sister on yesterday. I said to her I used to hear women say that they could be both father and mother but I learned that we, as women, can teach that what being a man is about. However, a good father simply lives it!

He doesn't have to try but his very nature exudes his ability to be a protector, teacher, provider, lover, friend, and thinker. After all, our God had that in mind when He created Adam and brought Eve to him.

From personal experience, I know that my life and the choices I made for a spouse would have been different if I didn't have a father in my home.  My dad was my first exposure to understanding that he was my protector and in that I felt loved and secure.  In his arms there was strength.  His hugs were tight and he'd rub my face with his strong hands.

As I grow up, I called him when I was stranded, loss the key to my car for the 99th time, and had a flat tire.  I knew growing up that my mother had wished she married someone else but we loved him because he knew that his role was different from mom and as children it was easier to love him in spite of his obvious flaws.  That was easy to do because he had given himself.

We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once.

- Nietzsche, philosopher

My Husband, A Great Father

I often tell this story to audiences when teaching about relationships and the role of women and men.

One day I was at home alone with my teenage boys.  There rooms were total chaos and needed to be cleaned.  I had spoken to them several times since the early morning to have them clean them.  Finally, I had just had it!  It was late afternoon and I could hear them playing and jesting with each other while playing a video game.

I called them to the top of the stairs and began to rant and rave about their neglecting to complete the assignment of cleaning their rooms.  Suddenly, the door openned and there stood my husband.  I could only see the expression of my sons since my back was to the door.  You would have that they had saw Jesus in the flesh!

My husband abruptly asked me "what in the world is wrong with you?"  I turned around and to see that he was seriously dismayed about the matter at hand.  The sterness in his face made me take stock for a minute.  I, then, calmly explained to him about my having to speak to the boys continually about cleaning their rooms and they had not done it.

He didn't even raise his voice, he said "get up there and clean your rooms up, now!  He then looked at may and said "Now, was that so hard?"

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