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Dante Crockett Matthews, Mum's Young Simba.

Updated on December 4, 2015

Dante Mums Young Simba.


Dante Mums Young Simba.

Dante Crockett Matthews.

You finally on earth.
Warm safe and cosy.
Beautifully handsome, healthy and blessed to
have a loving, spiritual, ‎and to be born into
material comfort.

With grace german muzzles were kept at bay.

A reflection of the curve ball life throws in our faces, no matter what our dreams may be.
We may make our own plans, at the dawn of a new day, the universe has the final say.
Dante you are the first born of your mum, Chireen and loving Dad. A symbol of their union, compassion, affection as well as heritage.

May life be kind.May you be cautious, and preserve your good looks, to one day pass them down to your children ultimately, on that day of grace when you become a grand parent.Get you matric, masters,PHD, Doctorate ultimately become a professor change your community the world, so our foot prints may forever be imprinted in the memory of the universe.

Dante Crockett Matthews.May you enjoy being a brand new baby.May you bask in the glory of the sun shine when the weather permits.May you cherish time spent with Ouma and Oupa.

May you indulge in your meals.‎May you learn from all the symbols of love that surround you from your parents home, your bedroom, may you grow and build a bond with with your dog and cat, and all that builds character and bring life.
Dante, may you remain playful, even as a young adult, yet be assertive when in need to make life changing choices.

Always remember a simple state of consciousness as well as desires, keeps the pressures and stresses of life, debt, health, relationships work, and self esteem at bay.

May you grow to have an untarnished sense of wit ‎and knowledge of the ways of the world in relation to what lies in the depths of your precious being.

Dante may you learn with time turning your weaknesses into strengths from a tender age.
May you bring peace and joy to this earth.
May you appreciate the value of being faithful to your principals and what you choose to stand for as a human being.

Dante‎ may you stay away from trouble, that inflict pain. Yet remember as cold as the world may be you are Mum's Prince and Simba.

‎Regards and well wishes

Nkosinathi Ncala

Gods Poet Nkosi


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