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Day 7, Journaling to a successful goal manifestation

Updated on March 2, 2012

Writing Your journal

Day 7, journal writing for your goals


Day 7, Your Journal for your spring goal garden.

Yesterday, I mentioned about starting a journal. This journal will be in two parts. The first part contains everything you have been writing these past 6 days. Now up the first day of spring, March, 20th, you will also be logging all your self –talk. You might be amazed at how negative it is. After I started the first part of my journal, my self-talk would reveal hidden negative patterns that are repeatedly said by me daily.  Here are a few that I wrote down.

1.      I am tired

2.      I cannot do this working here.

3.      I am bored

4.      I am not good enough

5.      I do not feel good.

6.      Nothing is happening yet, so this doesn’t work.


A few of those that I listed showed me the actions that I take in manifesting my goals. For instance, I am tire, I am bored and I do not feel good, always permitted the action of stopping what I am doing. There laid my excuse to self-sabotage.  When these signals started to surface, I had to learn how to condition myself to not give them any merit. You will too have to learn new patterns to replace these old ones. Write them down in this first part of your journal.


The first part of your journal will consist of your blueprint to success. Taking this time now in planning how you will grow your garden is a healthy dose of preventive medicine for the physical, mental and emotional aspects that want success verses the part that seeks to sabotage. This journal must be convenient for you to write in anytime of the day.  Every time you hear negative self-talk you must write it down, so you are aware of how your mind is incapacitate your drive to succeed. You do not need to write the same one down more then once, but be aware of those that predominates your thoughts, through constantly attacking your positive feelings and hope.

Another pattern of negative feedback is our ego telling us we are crazy to try this. These comments are usually worded in the following way:

  1. My affirmations aren’t working.
  2. It has been; x amount of days and nothing has happen, so this doesn’t work.
  3. My life is still the same.
  4. I thought this was supposed to work, but it doesn’t!

This is the victim within us having a hissy fit.  You are not a victim. Time is irrelevant here, so some goals take longer. No one, especially God is preventing this coming to you. So, stop playing the victim and take responsibility for the events happening. There can be several reasons why your goals do not appear to be coming about. Tomorrow we will speak on this and the timing factor.


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