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Dealing with Dark Teachers

Updated on February 1, 2014
"Shadow Dancer" (acrylic on canvas) represents the rare ability some Children of Light develop to learn lessons from the Dark  and work with those harmed by Darkness without becoming personally enmeshed in Darkness, pain, anger and hate.
"Shadow Dancer" (acrylic on canvas) represents the rare ability some Children of Light develop to learn lessons from the Dark and work with those harmed by Darkness without becoming personally enmeshed in Darkness, pain, anger and hate. | Source

"I sense a disturbance ..."

Maybe you had a dream that was very real ... maybe you were yanked out the dream realm to somewhere else ... Whatever it was, it was disturbing because there was someone in it that didn't belong. Someone so wrong that it was alarming ... Perhaps they were trying to seduce you. Maybe they were testing you. Or, it could have been a simple "evaluation" ... Whatever the shape of the dream, the result is the same. You woke up feeling disturbed ... Who was that person? Why do you feel violated and unsettled?

Perhaps that person was a Dark Teacher and your feelings are a warning that you need to heed ...

What is a Dark Teacher?

This person (who will look nothing like what you've dreamed of) will most likely be someone who has been very badly mistreated throughout his or her life. They are "misunderstood" and may likely have a criminal record. She/He may be able to present an illusion of Light to the outside world (and even to you), but is in fact sick and rotted at their very core being. Unfortunately, this is necessary in order for them to have become a Dark Teacher.

Don't let this fool you into feel sorry for them! It was a choice that she/he made long ago. Just like you made the choice aeons ago to be a Child of Light.

Why is a Dark Teacher Appearing to You?

Once upon a time - during past life, between lives, etc. - you made an arrangement with them for that person to come into your life as a Dark Teacher to help you learn a very important lesson. The lesson will be so momentous and dramatic that it will alter the course of your life and change your very being.

Here is the scary part: If a Dark Teacher has started to appear to you in dreams or mediations, etc. it is a warning that something in your life has gotten off track and that sacred contract is being called into effect. She/He cannot be "dismissed" or "dispelled". If this is your Dark Teacher, you have a spiritual contract with them and they will honour this agreement unless you find the correct way to cancel it or fix the "problem" without him ... Got that?

Whatever it is in your life that is off track probably seems very minor. You may even think it's the right thing for your life. However, if it goes uncorrected, it will become extremely dangerous to your well-being. Then, it will become necessary that your Dark Teacher arrive to help you "correct" your path.

WARNING: While the lesson will be necessary at that point, it will be VERY costly to you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Trust me - you don't want to pay the price if you can avoid it.

For me, it started with getting married to the wrong person and followed a chain of events over almost 15 years that ended up with the complete loss of my personal beliefs, sense of Self and eventually the will to live ...

It started with a terrifying dream about a dark man who was known as "The Master". (In later dreams, he was also called, "Sneaky Pete"). His horrifying minions kidnapped me. I was dragged into the darkness of his dwelling and thrown before him. He evaluated me silently and eventually proclaimed, "You are not mine" and I was released ...

Over the course of my first marriage, his role changed in my dreams. He eventually no longer had a remote role of evaluation and rejection. He started to become an active ally and potential "love interest" in the whatever adventure the dream presented. The worse my waking life became, the less dangerous "The Master" became in my dreams until one day he declared, "Now, you belong to me." Within months, my Dark Teacher appeared in the waking world and my living nightmare began ...

By the time I figured things out and was trying to turn my life around, it was too late. I was so far off my True Path, that the contract had been put into effect. My Dark Teacher was contractually obligated to arrive and help me get back on track.

How to Stop a Dark Teacher from Arriving

First, realize that something in your life has gone off track. It may seem like something very minor, but if left uncorrected can derail your spiritual path so badly that you may not be able to fix it by yourself. If that happens, the contract with your Dark Teacher will kick in ...

Once you've wrapped your head around how very minor that one little thing may be and how extremely important this issue is to your proper development and continued peace, find someone experienced and trustworthy to help you delve deeply and honestly inward to find what has gone wrong. You need to re-find your true path, reclaim parts of your Self that have wandered off and/or re-discover your personal spiritual truths.

If you can find what it is and fix it, you should be able to avoid the contract coming into effect.

If Your Dark Teacher Enters Your Life

Your Dark Teacher will continue to check in on you for years if need be. They are looking to see if you have corrected your course or are still making a bee-line for disaster. They want to know if you are ready for them to make an appearance in your waking life.

If your interactions with her/him progress and you ever make a "love" connection with them (sounds unlikely now, but if that "minor" thing keeps you off-track, it will happen), they will find you in the waking world.

Note: This connection will be something symbolic in your dreams of them. For example, a kiss is symbolic of a deep connection ... of the very personal relationship you will form with them as your Dark Teacher.

If all else has failed and your Dark Teacher arrives to help you correct your path (reclaim your Self, find your true beliefs, etc.) ... Be strong. Stay aware and awake throughout the lesson - throughout the pain. You may be isolated and feel alone, but remember that you are NEVER alone. You are eternal and connected to all of us through the Light.

Of course, you may be in a situation where you're already dealing with your Dark Teacher. They may be an associate, or more likely a family member or partner ... If so, my sympathies. Read on to see what you can do about the situation ...

When Will It End ...?

If you have to face the lesson of your Dark Teacher, this is very important for you to know:

The lesson has been learned when you understand it.

For me, understanding hit like a hammer between the eyes ... A burst of Light ... An awakening ... An epiphany ... I felt powerful. Joyous and awake, despite the torture and pain I was physically undergoing at the time.

For others, understanding may be more like a slow rising, as if from a dream or coming to surface after being underwater. However it presents itself, your understanding of the lesson is the key to your freedom.

At that moment, THE LESSON IS OVER.

Here's the Problem ...

Your Dark Teacher will not be able to stop "teaching". Because of the very nature of what they are and how they were shaped, they lack the awareness and control to stop. Don't let their "circumstances" or your attachment to them weaken your resolve to end the lesson.

As the student (and enlightened one) it is your sacred responsibility to get away from your Dark Teacher as quickly and safely as possible. To honour your Self, your Dark Teacher (yes, all teachers must be respected) and the lesson you learned, you will have to walk (RUN!!) away from her/him and never return to their sphere of influence again. If necessary, file criminal charges, etc. depending on the form that the lesson takes shape.

After That ...

Get counselling. Be good to you. Give yourself time to heal and recover ... Explore your newly remembered/discovered freedom, strength, power ... Most importantly: Put what you learned into practice. Make it part of your every day life and Being.

You must do this to complete the contract and be free of your Dark Teacher. Otherwise, they will be forced by their very nature to continue the lesson in a cycle that will increase in its Darkness until one - or both - of you are dead. Your very existence depends on you making sure that the contract/lesson is deemed completed.

Being a Shadow Dancer

"Shadow Dancing" is a term I coined during my recovery from my Dark Lesson. I realized that I had been dragged so far into the Darkness that most people would have been lost - maybe forever. But not me. In that Darkness, I had discovered my most important Truth: I Am ...

Those two little words don't seem to carry the profound impact and meaning to others that they did for me. "I Am" was an awakening; a remembrance of my immortality and connection to all. It was so deep and profound that it felt like a pressure change in my mind. An explosion from my soul outward, through my physical body and travelling beyond, into the world and all of creation on all levels of being ...

Where others have been lost, I was found. Where others were defeated, I triumphed. Where others forget, I remembered ... and I learned. Then, I got the hell out of there as soon as it was safe to do so and went for help to call 9-1-1 to make sure my Dark Teacher didn't follow me ...

Shadow Dancing is the ability to dance and weave around the Dark Ones without being tangled in their webbing ... without being pulled back down ... without losing one's Self in that Darkness. Like a Psychopomp who helps retrieve wandering souls, a Shadow Dancer's role is sacred. They help those lost in the Dark find their way back to the Light. They plant the seed of hope, strength and remembrance ... a guide along the way, even if by simply being an example ... And, it is very dangerous. If the Dark Ones spot a Shadow Dancer and their Light, they will attack and try to bring the Dancer down ...

Although my life has dramatically improved since that Dark Lesson, it is something I pray that others can avoid. It would have been better to have never strayed than to have to be "taught" and I write this with great hopes that others find a way into their Light and glory without the "help" of a Dark Teacher.

In all things you do, dance. Even if you do not delve into the sacred arena of a Shadow Dancer, stay to your True Path and dance to the beautiful song of your Personal Truth. This is your best defence against the Dark. This is the surest way of keeping your Dark Teacher away ... Go, my friends. Dance in Light ...

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Invincible - Thank you for your kind comment and vote :-)

      Rachel - Don't know if HP will notify you, but I'm glad to help. Be well.

      Phoenix - Absolutely best avoided. Thank you for your comment :-)

      Cryptid - Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope it has been of use to you.

    • cryptid profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      This is a very thought provoking hub. As I read I tried to examine my past and people I knew who may have been in this role. Of course I would not have realized it at the time. Very interesting, and your story is moving.

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      This was quite a powerful hub. I never knew about Dark Teachers until know. Sounds like something best avoided.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing, Rosa. Sounds like you had a very profound experience. I will remain awake and aware and work with my guides to make sure I am protected and to clear what needs to be cleared. Thank you so much for your concern!!! Love to you.

    • The Invincible profile image

      Hitesh Bubbar 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Extraordinary narration. Brilliant idea.. Voted Up!


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