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Death is a funny old business

Updated on June 25, 2012

Isn't it interesting the different types of polls that people will vote in? Now while I can understand voting for our favourite TV programme or book and even for the best flavour of crisps, would you vote for the best ”famous last words”?

The best epitaphs

Apparently comedian Spike Milligan's got the most votes in the poll with his “I told you I was ill!”. Second was Oscar Wilde with the words “Either that wallpaper goes or I do” and Peter Ustinov's contribution was “Please keep off the grass”.

Also in the Top 10 was Winston Churchill who said, “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”

The survey was carried out by Marie Curie Cancer Care and was aimed at breaking taboos surrounding death. Imelda Redmond from the charity commented, “Spike's epitaph is legendary and many of the greats have been immortalised by their epitaphs.”

Now whilst many of us have already made our will and some may even have prepared their funeral service, others refuse to discuss the subject. For them, dying is no laughing matter and is something to be ignored. But as Benjamin Franklin said “The only certainties in life are death and taxes”.

What happens when you die?

Some believe that when you die, that's the end whilst others hope to meet their friends and relatives again, even when they're not sure about this whole “God thing”. The Bible is very clear that there is such a place as Heaven where those who have died believing in Jesus as the Son of God will go to spend eternity with him. This is why even though there is still much sadness when a friend or relative dies who lived their life for God, Christians rejoice that they have gone to a better place. One where there is no more pain or suffering, where “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes”.

Heaven on earth

But being a Christian is not just about looking forward to a better life in Heaven, it's about experiencing that here and now. For some, our circumstances may be less than perfect here, but we can find peace by living our lives in harmony with God's will.

Knowing this, perhaps we should have voted for the one that came third in the survey, Frank Sinatra with “The best is yet to come.”


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