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Democracy while living a life ridden with povery. ( What is the price of Freedom?).

Updated on January 24, 2016

Democracy vs Povery.


Democracy while living a life ridden with Poverty, ( what is the price of freedom?)

Democracy while living a life ridden with Poverty. ( what is the price of freedom?)

inspired by your stature accomplishments and heritage of my guardians uMeli P Gundi and Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize‎.

I pray God gives me the strength to finish this Poem.

Democracy while living a life ridden with Poverty. ( what is the price of freedom?)

1994 we attained our freedom.
Apartheid had fallen.‎

The freedom charter reigned.

South Africa was known as the rainbow nation.

The most peaceful revolution.

Yet is the quality of life not supposed to improve when we are liberated from the ills of oppression.
The A.I.D.S epidemic was at its peak in the late 1990s and claimed millions of young lives.

ARVs are now a priority and the infection rates are on a decline.

Yet corruption amounts to billions of rands, hard earned tax payers money yearly.Greed governs the hearts of politicians as well as the custodians of our magnificent country.

Violence is aggravated, the demand for illegal guns is escalating.Life has a price, it is not worth much.Within a blink of a eye, a tsotsi will pull the trigger and porn your Mercedes to a car syndicate for R10 000, who will the children now call mummy, families fall apart.

The depth crime has on society is deeper than just the crime scene.

The prisons, asylums, psychiatric institutes are swelming with broken, lost, and disillusioned souls.
Who are we to turn to God?

Religion is the root cause and trigger of psychosis, precipitated by substance abuse and trauma, emotional, financial, physical, as well as the stresses of society.
A man must provide?


A man must lead by example.
When weak, cry, regroup‎, restrategise.Calmness to over throw all obstacles that once made you weak and preyed on your misery.

What is love?

Where does one find this charlot?
What is a soul mate?

‎How can you search for a element you are supposed to be one with and attract naturally.





Coming from a loving home so you can transfer the love you saw you dad cherish your mum with to your spouse and off spring. A little change, education, a crib, a ride, a career, holidays and a house filled with warmth, video games, DSTV, PCs and all the gadgets the mind may seek to acquire.

Yet this is not reality.

A fallacy.

Insult to a man that has not risen above his challenges.

What are we to do?

‎Every child at birth is built a home, provided they matriculate.‎

Parents must be married and matriculated,or planning to be wed legally for a home to be allocated or built for the new born.

‎‎Free education quality education from infant to university.‎‎

Building our own industrial and motor industry ‎more institutes like Medunsa n‎amed and governed by excellence of prominent leaders, teachers, lawyers and doctors.‎

Harsh sentences for violent, obsolete crime.‎‎

The ANC will rise and rise!‎

Greed and stupidity must FALL.

I Nkosinathi Ncala am a DA card carrying member.

The DA EFF and ANC should form one party.The South African Rainbow Party.
We all want a better life for self and those that come after us, we have the resources.‎

‎Democracy while living a life ridden with Poverty ( what is the price of freedom?)‎ ‎

‎God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala ‎‎


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