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Demon of Fear How It Manifest Itself

Updated on May 19, 2013

Unhealthy fear is F.E.A.R, false evidence that appears real

We all have some level of fear. Let explore how fear works in our lives and examine what is a healthy fear and what is not healthy fear.

Unhealthy fear is when you believe you are in danger when you are not in any danger.

Lets read this short story of a mans imagined fear. Fred is homeless living in a tent. He has to get in his tent before night fall because it gets to dark to see. How to get to his tent?

He just barely made it this frightful night. He covers himself with his blanket. During the night he felt something slither off his legs. Fred was petrified in fear. He could not see what slithered off his legs.

All night he began to wonder if it is a snake. He was fearful of getting bit by this snake. It was the longest night Fred had in his life. Morning came, and the sun started to shine Fred than realized it was his belt that was on top of the blanket and fell down to the lowest part of the blanket.

See how Freds imagination took him over? The story is true for most fears. Once you find the truth your fear has no power over you. Just relief!

Demon of Fear


What is Healthy Fear

Everyone experiences some sort of fear. A normal fear is built into our response from our brain called fight or flight. This fear is to help you to stay away from danger.

Your brain also remembers past experiences of situations that caused you pain. So naturally you want to avoid anything that has caused you pain. Your brain alerts you to unforeseen danger. Like walking in a dark owly at night alone. You might not see the danger, but the possibility is that something or someone can harm you.

If you were in a survival situation in the woods. You will notice your senses are heighten. You are so alert to every noise every movement. This is your survival fear.

Unhealthy Fear


What is an Unhealthy Fear

Author Note: I am in noway insinuating you or anyone else has a demon. Just pointing out the possibilities that demon attacks maybe occurring.

Unhealthy fear can be due to biological problems affecting brain neurotransmitters, or hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia and other health issues. Mind altering drugs can change the chemicals in your brain.

Drug addicts and alcoholics often complain after getting treatment or quitting there addiction of depression anxiety and other mental problems they didn't have before they started using drugs and alcohol.

Most unhealthy fears have a common source—our thoughts. Our imagination can get the best of us. If you have seen that show "Fear Factors"you will know how you react when you can't see what your touching.

Fear is an inhibiting force for many people,its like you know there is nothing to be afraid of but yet you are afraid. If you have a fear of spiders and you see that the spider is in a jar with a tight lid. Your brain makes you imagine that spider getting out of the jar and biting you.

Agoraphobia in exstream cases is people who fear leaving there home and do everyday things in life.

So What can I do with the Spirit of Fear

First realize this unhealthy spirit of fear has no power over you unless you let it. Fear is always talking to you. My fear is heights. I couldn't even stand on a chair and change a light bulb.

I would stand there and tell myself. What am I afraid of? The worst thing that could happen is I might fall down a foot in a half. I would contemplating and attempt to get on the chair and find myself feeling off balance and weak at the knees even dizzy. While I was trying to stand on the chair.

One day I said Jesus help me be able to stand on the chair so I can change the light bulb. I heard a voice in my head say,don't think about it just do it! So I did,and I was shocked how easy it was to stand on the chair to change my light bulb. Faith always overcomes fear.

Now I can climb a ladder. I couldn't stand to watch my husband climb the ladder much less climb the ladder myself. I told my demon of fear to Shutup in Jesus name and climbed the ladder with no fear.

Lets say you are afraid of the dark or afraid to be home alone at night. Next time listen to your thoughts and imagination. Ask yourself am I lying to myself when I tell myself. When I say: Is someone outside? Whats that noise? It sounds like its at the window!

Is it your voice asking these questions or some other voice. Do you make yourself tremble in fear? You are not causing yourself to project these thought way before or during the time you are alone.

Next time this fear boils up pay close attention to what you are thinking and why you are feeling this fear?

Spirit/Demon Of Fear & How To Break Free Of It!


Demon of Fear (Part II)

This post is recommend because it address how the spirit of fear effect us and what to do to overcome fear and expose fear for what it is a low level demon that is a liar.


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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 4 years ago

      Some people seem to have no fear much less have an unhealthy fear. I have to question why people who fear not and do destructive dangerous things unless they have a deathwish?

    • WalterPoon profile image

      Poon Poi Ming 4 years ago from Malaysia

      A certain amount of fear is always healthy. It's our fight-or-flight mechanism at work to ensure our own survival. Look at those devil-may-care motorcyclists who ride recklessly without fear, either to their own lives or to the lives of others.