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Updating religious beliefs to survive in the modern world

Updated on November 16, 2015

Programmed viruses in the brain

Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming to gain control
Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming to gain control | Source

Ridding ourselves of program viruses - in the brain

Is it necessary to "re" program our religious beliefs in order to live successfully in the modern world?

Is it even possible to successfully "de"program our brain from rigorous religious indoctrinations?

Can we do this on our own, without any outside help?

These viruses are known as deceptions and lies.

Are you infected?

We ALL are infected to some degree.

If we think we are not, then we would have to have been brought up in total isolation from the rest of the world.

Undoing the damages done by religion is a daunting task without a doubt.

But it can be done.

Programming - deprogramming - reprogramming

making personal choices - what's best for you
making personal choices - what's best for you
stepping away from the masses
stepping away from the masses

Overcoming fear and guilt ---

This is the first step to freedom of the mind.

Once accomplished we can attain a higher and deeper understanding of spirituality as it was meant to be experienced.

Putting one's fate in the hands of religious charlatans is like being forced to pay for the air we breath, or pay for the sunshine on our faces, or paying for water that is necessary to sustain our lives.

All our life sustaining necessities are being polluted and destroyed by the self serving few on this planet as is our brain capacities to learn new things being corrupted by our religions.

We need to "take back" both our planetary and individual rights, and take responsibility for our own actions, deeds, and thoughts.

How programming takes hold of us:

Programming the mind

Anything programmed can be deprogrammed
Anything programmed can be deprogrammed | Source

William Ralph Inge

W. R. Inge KCVO was an English author, Anglican priest, professor of divinity at Cambridge, and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, which provided the appellation by which he was widely known, "Dean Inge."
W. R. Inge KCVO was an English author, Anglican priest, professor of divinity at Cambridge, and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, which provided the appellation by which he was widely known, "Dean Inge." | Source

Taking Pride in ones "blind" faith

Deprogramming defined:

A dissuasion from amoral, and harmful, convictions - usually of a religious nature that is often derived by coercive means.

We can not deny the fact that this is how religious beliefs are "taught" to our own children.

And there is certainly no pride in knowing that, as parents, we are doing the same thing that was done to us.

Psychology teaches us that children who are abused will generally abuse their own.

Coercion is not an evil term, but it is one in which the recipients of what is taught have no choice in the matter. It compels children to think, believe, and act, in a certain manner (as in the mob mentality concept), or pay dire (and unrealistic) consequences if they do not.

W.R. Inge quote: "religion tries to coerce the irreligious".

And in that process of "teaching'' children, they succeed in doing so.

Religions all teach children that "free will" is evil; thus cementing the victim of brainwashing to a lifetime of irrational fears and guilt for doubting, or rationally trying to understand what it is they must believe in without reservations.

This is not God's plan. It is man's plan - to control the minds of others.

Accepting these fallacious (delusive) teachings through "blind faith" is hardly conducive to "freely" accepting them as truth.

My challenge to those "blind" believers:

If you say, or believe, that your faith is valid, then i will challenge you to prove it.

Take one of the deprogramming seminars.

If you have true faith and belief in your personal religion, there should be no difference in those beliefs after the deprogramming, and no harm done to you. It should simply strengthen your faith and put you in a better standing with your creator.

Then you can take pride in yourself for keeping your faith. But, hopefully, through that process of understanding why we think like we do - perhaps we can learn how not to push those agendas on others, especially the innocent children we are responsible for.

by: d.william 05/04/2013

Deprogramming from cults

A test of faith

Do you believe your religion is valid?

See results

© 2013 d.william


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