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Desire as an Extension of the Divine: Reconciling Magick and God

Updated on April 11, 2008

Magick and Divine Will are seemingly difficult for many to reconcile. In actuality there is no disparity to reconcile. As emanations of the Divine, we are created in the image of our Creator. Our Creator has an obviously creative nature, and so do we. As an extension of our Creator, we were not created simply to be beautiful, exquisite creations, but also to co-create existence in accordance and alignment with the Will of our Creator. This not only reconciles the seeming disparity between magick and the Divine Will, but goes even further than that to clarify our own nature.

Magick is a form of Willworking, having an effect upon existence by extending our will upon it. Seen in this light, magick makes next to no sense when considered as a discrete, separate item of its own. As a creative extension of the Divine, it makes perfect sense, extending and increasing the Will of our Divine Creator by sharing, as all love does. But what of our own, ostensibly nonmagickal will? What about our everyday desires, goals, and objectives? These too make little to no sense when considered as discrete, separate things in their own right, to then be reconciled with the rest of existence. Willworking, when properly considered, is an extension of our Divine Creator's Will, and so is our own will. We ourselves are emanations of the Divine; so then is our will. When we regard our own will as personal, isolated, self-contained, and irrespective of anything else we misperceive it. Our own will is accurately an emanation of the Divine Will, an extension of it. Perceiving it as separate and individual we are prone to mistakes like greed, avarice, and lovelessness. But our nature is like rays of light emanating from a central, Divine source, and so is our will. It is difficult to differentiate the rays of light from the light source, because they are parts of the same thing and unified in purpose, as they should be. But when we regard our nature or our will as distinct articles, we perceive them more as items in their own right, lacking a greater purpose or unifying situation. We perceive those same rays of light as though they were a set of children's Pickup Sticks, as separate things lacking in any apparent source, unifying formation, and as things whose purpose and function are predominantly arbitrary. This perceptual error often leads to a misapplication of our nature and our wills, with greatly unsatisfying results. A Pickup Stick can even be used arbitrarily to smash a lightbulb; it is difficult to imagine rays of light being used to extinguish their own light source. One has only to think of many figures in modern politics or business to see instances of this. Since this Divine source of radiance can never be extinguished, this skewed perceptual model can never succeed; it can only waste our time and misapply ourselves, leading to utter disappointment and unfulfilment.

Given this, it's worth our time to examine what we're about in our daily lives. To what activities do we devote ourselves and our time? To what ultimate purpose to we invest ourselves in these activities? Are these self-centered motives and objectives, or are they aligned with a greater Divine Will, in Unity with the Divinely-emmanated rays of Light which we usually fancy as being "other" people? Regardless of appearances, the Divine Will is both unified and unifying, increasing as only Love can. As emanations of the Divine Will, created by sharing and extending that Will, this is the true nature of consciousness as well. Consciousness, then, in its true state can only be unified. To act instead on a disunified, loveless perceptual model can only misapply consciousness, to disappointing ends. One need only consider the Parable of the Talents to see this.


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    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      13 years ago from California

      Exactly! We now have people, for example, who are buying domain names up in bulk, plastering them with advertising, and waiting for the money to roll in. They're trying to do something to get money, even though they cannot enjoy what they're doing, and it's completely dissociated from any greater plan or system. Most people are living in a bubble, and what they're doing - as we see in American politics lately - is not relevant, functional, meaningful, or worthwhile taking the larger situation into view.

      To be more precise though, most people are not only living in a bubble... they're living in a bubble that burst _a_long_time ago._ They just haven't fully admitted it to themselves.

    • profile image


      13 years ago

      Thank you for this. So many people think that if they do what they love it is being selfish, but if they do what they despise it is being strong. I think actually it is the reverse--doing work you despise so you can go bury your penny in the ground and go back and to it all over again is craziness. Imagine what would happen if everyone decided to stop doing work based on lies and start doing work that they loved and helped others? Great hub.


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