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What is Destiny or Fate?

Updated on March 4, 2016

Fate as Destiny's Master

Does Fate or Destiny really exist? Is there really such a thing as a coincidence? They are terms we use to describe events that are unexplainable, that are out of our control or that we accept as inevitable. Fate serves Destiny; to ensure we reach our destined path, no matter how far away we stray, fate will find a way.

Often we will see or hear signs to help us make decisions; repeating numbers, the same phrase or name repeated over the radio or on television, seeing the same person, animals as symbols or the classic angel feather. These triggers or reminders, send us messages to look at things that we may miss or ignore in today’s hectic society. If we still ignore the signs, then Fate takes a more direct approach.

Does Fate really exist?

The fatalistic series of events that happen out of the blue, when we least expect it, pushes us in the correct direction. We may not understand why or how and some may fight and resist, but fate is persistent and it can be messy and painful. Resistance is futile; people wonder why things aren’t working out for them and it is often because fate has intervened and created obstacles to force them back on the correct path. That can mean loss and pain, as what is taken away is to let you see what you need and not what you want. When relationships or friendships fall apart, there is a reason. Fate doesn’t show us those reasons, but merely puts into place what is necessary. We may get angry and bitter that we have no control, but by trying to see and understand the reason why is a better use of energy than getting angry at a force that we cannot see. It is all around us, yet they The Powers That Be watches over us and acts without warning, or at least warnings we are not aware of. Fate relies on our free will; a choice to go left or right will result in different outcomes on the journey, but puts us back to where we need to be. If right was not the best path to take, Fate will push us back towards the left or create a position where there is no alternative.

Lucky black cat
Lucky black cat

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Doubts and turning a blind eye

Some of us will recognize what our destiny is; some may not like it and turn a blind eye, others may feel the timing is not right and put it on the back burner. It is happening more as material comforts govern our everyday existence and distract us away from our path. Destiny exists, but if we choose not to accept or to follow that path, then fate will intervene and create the circumstances whereby you either have no choice but to follow your destiny or it becomes the best or only option left.

How do you know what your destiny is? Usually our destiny is made up of several soul goals and we figure it out when we approach that given time. For some of us, we are given that knowledge to help us remain on the correct course and know instinctively what is right. Some remain baffled, looking for a purpose, when it is revealed to you when you are ready. Life is a series of challenges, each helps to create a foundation for your soul destiny. You cannot skip a few steps, but subconsciously each challenge is part of the path chosen and that includes the good and bad

Doubts may cross your mind from time to time, but that is human. It can be hard to differentiate between thinking, “Is this my imagination?” or “How do I know if this is right?” A fear of being deluded, foolhardy or being unrealistic in the eyes of others can prevent us from pursuing our destiny, so having faith in what you feel is important as it your destiny alone.

You can control your fate and destiny in so far as understanding what your destiny entails. Believing and understanding what is required can make the journey less arduous. Try to change it and you will be sent back to the starting point. We can rebel, but ultimately destiny will prevail, at these times one can see evidence of Fate serving its master. Where we need to be, doesn’t always coincide with what we plan and those plans become difficult and falter. We are left with the path chosen for us that we had planned before we incarnated.

Angel feather
Angel feather

7 ways Fate sends messages

  1. Repeating number combinations 11:11, 333
  2. Seeing white feathers
  3. Hearing and seeing the same name or phrase repeated
  4. Birds or cats appear at your house
  5. Getting lost, but finding yourself somewhere you needed to be
  6. A book falls off your shelf
  7. Certain websites appear on your internet search

Embrace your Destiny

Knowing your destiny and accepting it are two different things; some know and hesitate to embrace it; those who accept it may not fully understand their destiny, but know that Fate has a role in their Destiny. Fate is like a driving instructor, stopping you from making mistakes and guiding you as to what to do next. It puts things back on track, steering, stopping, restarting and removing obstacles or creating obstacles if you take a diversion or take a wrong turn.

Things do happen for a reason, a coincidence is Fate in disguise. By accepting what has transpired will help you understand (in hindsight) the purpose and how it can help you. If you know too much beforehand, then you wouldn’t learn or grow, which is the point of life and achieving your destiny.

We grow and learn when we least expect it.

Look for the signs


Things to look out for

  1. The time a message is received
  2. Number plates
  3. The numbers on a bill
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Road signs
  6. House numbers
  7. Bus or train route numbers


© 2014 S T Alvyn

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