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Words, Right or Wrong that should not be taken lightly Pt.1

Updated on September 26, 2011

Words, Right Or Wrong that should never be spoken.

Many times if we look at ourselves with the eyes of others,

we would be ashamed of what we have become.

Michael Jackson once sang a wonderful song some years ago

I love so much. Starting with the man in the Mirror, got to make a change,

got to make a difference, got to make it better.

We all can with the Power of the words of our mouth.

The tree grows by night and by day, no one sees the movement,

But we know it’s not the same, it has changed.

When did you or your love one changed? You don’t know, but he has and guest what, he did not even knew he had.

Can we correct these changes or even stop them? Well can we at least curve them? Read On for the awesome revelation about you! Did you know you can actually destroy some body’s life and your very own? I am not talking about going down the highway at 180 mp/hr. and running into a parked truck. I’m talking about the worst possible destruction there is and can be for any human being alive today. Can the term living dead be used to describe anyone you know? Meaning a worthless person, a poor, useless, valueless, wretched, good for nothing. These are mighty harsh words we use to describe a friend, brother, sister, wife, husband, mother, father, or even your own child. Many a persons proudly use these words to others without a second thought, but dare anyone to use these words to you. You’ll immediately get offensive, abusive and deny the allegations or even go to a violent act. What or who we are when we react in such manner? And who really is a worthless person?

We always think highly of ourselves and little of others, especially when they are poor (we discriminate the poor). But if a person sits in high seats, rich, own cars, business, values etc.

We think highly of them. But again, who really is a worthless person? Is it the poor or us who categories people according to their position? Our naïve abusive ways to others have indeed destroyed the lives of innocent children and not so strong adults alike. The Bible describes such individual (not strong) as a weak person. It is not a sin to be weak or to be poor. But it is indeed a sin to take disadvantage of the weak. Let us therefore turn our bibles to the reading of God’s wonderful words, the words of wisdom, the words of knowledge and truth; the words that he gave us to open our eyes to see the true meaning behind life.

Romans 15: 1 We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves..

How many of us are bearing any burden of another in society today? Especially a weakling. We frown at such a person, we cast them off, we forsake them, we deny them, and we want nothing and little to do with such a person. We teach our children not to keep company with anyone who does not have anything to give them. That is the poor and the weak. But let us also read verse 2.(Let everyone of us please his neighbor for his good to edification) Meaning good for his own improvement, spiritual growth, and morality.

Verse 3 (for even Christ pleased not himself, but, as it is written, the reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me). Friends can you understand these teachings, can you really learn and live the teaching of these scriptures. This gospel, this word from God almighty, Jesus Christ himself bore the blame, rebuke, and condemn, abuse, scorn, shame, disgrace and the dishonor for us. We the poor, weak and the sick, all our reproaches fell on Him. He the Christ, the son of the living God of this world took it all for us. Christ pleases not Himself. How many of us are willing to try that kind of life style in living to please our neighbors. No, we are please our self; we are a self centered generation, a self-centered race and selfish beings.

At all times we faithless humans think of our self and no one else, is it all about the I and I. So many a times I have heard statements like these, “Who me, me not displeasing myself fey please nobody”. Other statements such as, “I am not staying home to suit no man or on the other hand, no woman. Those statements sound selfish to the hearers, but under different circumstances these replies can be questioned of even justified by us. But right or wrong they can have serious ricochet.

Selfishness is of the Devil. Out flowing concern, giving and love is of GOD. God says give; the devil says receive, so all we want to do is to receive. Receive love, pity, help, money etc. But God says give, so we give to get, not give because we love to, but we benefit from giving. God wants us to give and look back for no benefits from any one but Him. Humanity in the majority wants to receive by all means necessary even at the cost of some one else’s existence. Tell me, is not that action of a worthless person. I ask myself why human beings created in the image and likeness of God become so selfish and worthless.

I may be condemn for my harsh adjective of human beings as my self as worthless but Jesus once called the scribes and pharisees hypocrites. The word worthless is not found in the bible but worthy is, 66 times and not worthy, meaning not of value. In God’s eye sin as know value to His cause and if sinners do not repent will be treat as such only worthy to be burnt. This is tough, hard to digest but is plausible.

Read on; tell me how a good person can not be concerned about the feelings of your brothers, sisters, friends, neighbor, and family. Are you then, good and pure in heart?

Many times people indicate to me that some one else cause them to become the way they are. And now just imagine if you are guilty of the same thing. Trampling on people’s emotion as cause them to become weak and giving into evil ways of the devil. There’s a price to pay. But can you as victims remain week and worthless on the account of some one who don’t know better. There is nothing wrong with falling; we all fall before learning to walk properly. Nothing wrong in been defeated or failing a task. The problem comes from inside us, when we remain down and not trying to get back on our feet. We fall emotionally when we suffer from abuse of some kind or the other and we often times lack spiritual strength. Nothing wrong in been poor, we enter this world naked, hopefully we will leave with something on our backs. But life in between is precious and valuable and we only get one chance at this. We can have a fruit full, meaning full and productive life. The problem comes from you and how you with God given power program your minds and hearts. You can achieve wonderful things out of this life and world. No matter how beaten we are, no matter how weak or drained once there is life there is hope. Christ rose from the grave three days after he was place there, yes, he was placed there, but he never stayed there. He arose three days after, yes he was dead. You too might be what some classified as living dead but you can rise from any circumstance, from any spiritual defect, defeat or weakness, even any wayward attitudes that we might developed from evil influences through people whom may have trample on our feelings. Misguided humans must learn to accept the guidance of God over our lives. We can change our ways and faults with God’s help. Man’s way will eventually destroy us. If we refuse to fright back, to be armed with knowledge and overcome the wiles and pressure we lose. The devil takes pleasure in keeping us down; he wants to be on top of us. Many of us are the devil’s agent we are guilty as hell of destroying some one’s life. The words we use to others and the way we speak to them, a man wept bitterly, on stoppable,( he broke down after experiencing a terrible accident and in bed for weeks) his wife called him crosses. The saddest thing about this, some persons take pleasure in hurting others. The word of God says you are of your father the devil, are you of the devil? Do you get joy and happiness from hurting others? What of others who do, are they of value to God’s purpose? So who then is a worthless person?

The bible says there is none that is good we all have become filthy: there is none that doeth good no not one. (Psalms 14:3).

So stop fighting against each other, your brother sister, wife , husband, or neighbor. You are just as bad as that man you despises, that man you curse and condemn every day. Let us not attack each other but rather the problems. We are all guilty, in some way or the other; we are all the same and even for more worst. The word of God is the solid rock; it is God’s manual to mankind, it contains knowledge and wisdom for so many that seeks. It is the power to bring us into light out of darkness, out of our ignorance to the way mankind should flourish, the way of God, yes a better way of life.

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness: considering thy self, lest thou also be tempted. (Galatians 6:1)

When you read these statements what effect do they have on you, what meaning does it have, do you think on these things, why not? We are all capable of the same things and are subject to whatever one man is. Try not to be mightier, but wisdom comes with the power to resist the natural feelings of sinful flesh, to serve and not to be served.

Bear ye one another burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. For if a man thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing he deceiveth himself (Galatians 6:2-3)

continues in Part 2 read it.


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