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Developing Psychic Abilities with online resources

Updated on December 1, 2011

With growing acceptance for existence of psychic abilities, people are wondering if they can develop these skill themselves. Indeed you can learn psychic abilities. But many people are hesitating from investing money into such psychic development process - they are afraid they might be mislead by fake guide books etc. But how to you develop psychic abilities if you will not invest money into educational resources?

It's nearly impossible, but you do not have to buy paper books in order to learn psychic abilities, you can rely solely on online resources - I do not mean free, but also paid - still, online resources such as ebooks, blogs and websites. If you're looking for such resources in the web, then please continue reading this hub, and I will introduce you to some great psychic resources online.

Many years ago, a great website came to be - - it stands for Psychic Students in Pursuit of Guidance. It was created by Sean Connelly, a guy from USA who wanted to find out if it's possible to develop psychic abilities for real. After months of exploration in the web near 1999/2000, he created his own website, that within years of existence gathered around 20 thousands users.

The website is still online - although it's not updated any more, since it's archived for couple of years by now, it still provides people with tons of knowledge with articles, questions & answers section, newsletter, two ebooks, and archived forum that was quite active many years ago.

All of this makes the very first place that every single psychic explorer should check out. It will introduce you to world of psychic development (known as psionics) within few hours.


After, there were many websites that were trying to continue the work that Sean started. United Psionics Club (known as UPC) was the biggest website, but it didn't survived in any way. But here is a list of active websites where you can pursuit psychic development on your own.

  • PsionicsOnline - active website created by Sarah, who remembers the era of PsiPog. It's useful website full of resources and with active forum. It's a site I also recommend.
  • ShiftedPerspectives - smaller, yet still active website filled with useful articles.
  • Vertias Society - huge website that beside dealing with psychic abilities, discuss magic and occult too.

There are many other sites related to psychic development in the web, be sure to google them.

Online Ebooks and Courses

But free websites are just the beginning. A lot of useful knowledge can be found in paid resources such as ebooks and online courses. Believe it or not, but many courses and ebooks do work - because they had been written by professional psychics and energy workers, who really know what they're talking about.

And they want to share knowledge - but not for free, because if you're a psychic, in reality writing books and sharing knowledge this way is probably the only way you can really make money - and they have to make a living somehow, right? The same thing apply to nearly every single field of knowledge - if you know something, you want to share it, and you want to make a living by sharing your knowledge.

There are many online courses and ebooks that can teach you how to learn psychic skills. Of course, you can once again use Google and find other paid resources in the web.

Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified

Become psychic with this ultimate, psychic development guide!


A State of Mind

A State of Mind is a blog I'd like to mention in short way - because it's my own website and I don't want to get over promotional. It's a place where you can develop psychic abilities for free, and many practical tutorials and articles are licensed as Creative Commons to share knowledge.

It's a website constantly updated since 2007 and it's filled with resources you might not find anywhere else. Please check it out.

The dark side - what to before of

Yet opinions are right - there are many useless resources in the web, created mainly for SEO and money purposes. Do not believe in guides and articles that says "open yourself", or "just listen to your intuition" - psychic development is complex process and it requires a lot of work. Just waiting to hear voices in your hand is not enough.

Before of fluff - stay away from websites that says about fireballs, Dragon Ball or X-Man superpowers. Those are useless resources. Finally, do not use only one single source of knowledge - no matter if you're learning psychic skills from websites or from books - you need to learn from different sources, only then you will get a wider view upon whole psychic abilities stuff, and this will lead to more understanding.

And understanding is something that makes psychic development possible.

What next?

That's all - as you can see, the Web is full of resources for psychic development, all you have to do is to look around. But if you're tired of online resources, where should you turn next? My answer is simple - to books. Books still carry a lot of knowledge that has not been ported into Internet yet.

Therefore, those are books that should be your next step in developing your psychic abilities.


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    • Nathan_U profile image

      Nathaniel 7 years ago from Poland


      I'm sharing my knowledge, trying to be helpful. And there's nothing wrong in putting affiliate links inside the hub, you're doing it too :P. I hope this isn't a cheap attack because I decided to post my thoughts under one of your hubs - it would be childish.

    • Mrvoodoo profile image

      Mrvoodoo 7 years ago from ?

      Useful information or just pushing affiliate ebooks?