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Dharma & Karma.International.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Yes they should have stayed home.
Yes they should have stayed home.

You need Training to say.

Nobody can write on Dharma or Karma.You got to lean from the masters not by application and admission but by sincere service to the Guru 24x7 work culture.There are no schools you got to go to Himalaya's caves to find a Guru and he has to accept you in his ashram.You gat to be lucky to get free room and food at the world's best air you breath,water to drink and herbal food to eat.

There are several city's having such facility of training and teaching at exorbitant costs.Those who have unaccounted or accounted money and want to feel young go to such camps and come back with renewed energy or one peg scotch effect which won't last long.Their friend suggests another so on and so forth.They got money so they don't find it hard to go and get new experiences.

The Dharma as is explained in the Video is quite sufficient to get a insight on Dharma.Dharma is supposed to bring Punya or Luck.Our tradition say's so.But what sort of Dharma we are supposed to do to bring Punya or Luck.They say how much money you put in to the Bank only that much you can draw in the balance which let's say is got to put the Dharma in the Bank of God.That account will not be closed or can be transferred.It will be given to cash or kind.

Why kind ?, because your karma also gets deposited in The Bank of God in debit side.If Karma is X than the balance of drawing power is Y-X = M.

The 'M' decides how much you can draw.

Than what happens to Karma,we use the word karma to in case of Bad Luck.

How's that.Bad Luck is Bad Luck,it varies from being poorest of the poor to poor to not so poor to not so rich to rich to richest to richest of the rich.

How's that supposed to mean.?

Take a Beggar,how many types are there,there are beggars who can't beg to who beg unable to walk to who walk with supports to who walk with normal legs to who change there clothes in the Bus or Railway Station and go to Beg.It's their karma thats causing variations in these beggars.There Bank account with the Bank of God was on the debit side and this amount determined their drawing power.Of course you can't draw in one birth.You can put in one birth and take it in the next birth.The next birth is determined by your karma.It can be any form other than man or women.A street dog or a Dog with the President of America.The street Dog perhaps was having heavy debt.

So what about the credit side.?

Yes here is that poorest to poor blah,blah.........

A man with family living in a single Bed Room in USA and in some Village.It is there Karma that has made them.

The CEO of AIG drawing 10 Million US Dollars and the CEO of a Govt Company with a Honest officer.How did this happen.It is their Karma.

One Soft ware Engineer age below 40 unmarried working in USA resigns from his job to come to his village to help the poor that was his Karma of not living happily in USA or India and getting a good Job as he had the qualification and experience.

This is how in here in our traditional qualification our parents have put it.Do Dharma as much as you can in this birth and get with heavy interest in next birth in cash,To get in Cash you cannot do any Karma or bad things like eating animals.Killing them for food or other things.Do not harm others blah,blah.

Yesterday a Swamiji Slept over FIRE for 4 Hours at Ganagapur near North Karnataka.( Times of India Report dt 17th Nov 2009,Bangalore Edition.)


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