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Diary Of A Paranormal Investigator - Part 2

Updated on February 9, 2019

Lemp Mansion-St. Louis, Mo July 11, 2016

The Legend:

Lemp Mansion, located in St. Louis, Missouri, was called by Life magazine "one of the ten most haunted places in America" in 1982.Lemp Mansion was built in the early 1860's. William J. Lemp, the son of the founder of Lemp Brewery, John Adam Lemp, was the first member of the Lemp family to live there. The Lemps were one of the richest families in St. Louis by 1870 due to the great success of the brewery. Troubles began for the Lemps in 1901, when William Sr.'s favorite son, Frederick, died mysteriously at the age of 28. He was the heir apparent to the Lemp legacy, and his father was crushed. In 1904, still despondent over his loss, William Sr. went into his office and shot himself through the heart. His son, William Lemp, Jr., took over the business.

In 1920, William's sister Elsa also committed suicide by shooting herself, although not in the mansion. In 1922, William sold the brewery at a huge loss. After the sale, he went into the same office that his father had nearly two decades before and shot himself. Despite all the tragic events that transpired in the mansion, the surviving Lemp, Charles, remained there. He was brother to William, Elsa, Frederick and one other surviving Lemp, Edwin. In 1949, at the age of seventy-seven, Charles killed the family dog and then shot himself.

The Investigation:

Let me tell you right off the bat that this is the shortest investigation I have ever been involved in. Now the rule of thumb for any experienced investigator is that you never investigate alone, I was on business in St. Louis and got a little excited and forgot to use good judgement. I checked in to the now Bed & Breakfast around 3:00 PM went to my room and started getting my equipment ready, checking to make sure everything worked, putting fresh batteries in the equipment as well as fresh tapes for the night-shot camcorder. Everything was working fine I took some pictures of this imposing mansion from the inside and outside.

The Lemp Mansion employees leave at 4p.m. every Wednesday which leaves the guest on their own until the employees return Thursday morning other days of the week they are around until 8PM. Being that I was investigating alone the equipment I could use was limited to the IR Thermometer w/Coupler, the Sony night-shot camcorder, as well as my digital audio recorder, digital camera, and EMF Meter and flashlight.


I set the night-shot up on the second floor facing The Charles Lemp suite and took base reading with the EMF and IR Thermometer they were both normal. With everything set up I decided to take a nap for a few hours. I was the only guest at the mansion, which means there should not have been another living soul in the place, I was awakened at around 7:30PM by the sound of someone slamming the door shut in the room next to mine followed by footsteps headed towards the stairs, I jumped and immediately went to see who was there I saw no one. I tried to turn on my flashlight which had decided not to work so I was left to light my way with my lighter until I hit the 2nd floor. I went to my night-shot to turn it on and start recording and it was not working(everything worked perfectly before the sun went down) no matter what I did it was not turning on, I headed down the stairwell to the Parlor to see what I would encounter when I heard voices on the second floor and the sound of a lady giggling.

I went up to investigate and found nothing. I went back down the stairs and headed towards the atrium and the closer I got to that room the colder it got I was actually able to see my breath, at that moment I heard footsteps on the second floor again and went up to investigate, again I found nothing heading down the stairs again I noticed that the dining room lights were on when they were not before, I started to get an ominous feeling and decided to grab my equipment and cut this investigation short. The entire investigation lasted less than 2 hours. THIS MANSION IS DEFINITELY HAUNTED! Hopefully we will get to go back as a group to investigate someday soon. You will notice that all the photos I am including are before sundown, Eddie.


Karsten Inn September 15, 2016

The Legend:

Bought in 1911 by William Karston Sr.The hotel has an illustrious history that was almost cut short by horrific fire in 1912. William had a special relationship with his grandson Billy and wherever you found grandpa Billy was right next to him, they were inseparable. In 1940, William Karston Sr. died in his sleep of a heart attack. Three weeks later, his little grandson, 5 year old Billy, died of a sudden illness. Soon after the staff started receiving reports of a little boy playing in the halls sometimes with the children of guests, from time to time there are sightings of him as well as William Sr. Billy is considered quite the prankster, One prank was to a staff member who had brought her 3 year old son along with her to work one day. As she sat him down to eat lunch, he started making faces and sticking out his tongue. She told him to stop doing that.

He stopped for a while, but then continued to stick out his tongue and make faces. She told him he was being rude, and asked him why he wasn t listening to her. Her son said: Mom, that little boy in the corner is sticking his tongue out at me, so I m just doing it back! Since they were alone in the room, just her and her son, she decided to take him home and never has brought him back to the Inn.The other story and probably the most active of the spirits at the hotel is Agatha, she was a maid at the Karsten Inn for many years and apparently still resides there. Guests who stay in her room 310 report sightings of a woman sitting at the foot of their bed as well as sightings of all over the hotel. There have been so many sightings of Agatha that the hotel has a book where people can write their experiences.


Our Investigation:

During our interview of the staff an older lady came down the stairs from the second floor a little shaken, she said that she had just seen a lady in Victorian style clothing staring at her on the second floor and she disappeared. We did some readings up there but picked up nothing.One of the investigation team members, Diane, pulled out a chair from a long dining room table, to use the chair in the adjoining lobby. When she went back into the dining room to replace the chair, there was no place to put it at the table. The spot where she had pulled the chair out from was now occupied by another chair. The new chair was not pushed in tight to the table like the others, but was pulled out, as though someone had been sitting there. No other team members had been in the room, so it is a mystery.We were not able to do a complete investigation due to guest popping in and out, but we are returning there soon to do a complete investigation so this is still a pending investigation. Watch for our report soon.


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