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The Diary - The Death of a Martyr

Updated on February 6, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Final Entry

What will be your lot when the curtain closes on your life?
What will be your lot when the curtain closes on your life? | Source

Preface - The 6th and Final Installment.

  1. Life in the underground has seen a boldness grow among those living their lives as social outcasts, with the penalty of death hanging over their heads 24/7. Near starvation diets, living in the worst of conditions, constantly on the alert of the ever-present danger, yet joyfully proclaiming the Good News at every opportunity, with amazing results.
  2. Fear has given way to an eagerness to please their Lord and God; taking chances that months before they never would have taken. They despise the wickedness of the day and rejoice in their victories: they can see that the people who have not taken the mark or worship his image outnumber the followers of the Beast. The harvest is still ripe.
  3. The world at one time called this self-proclaimed god, the Antichrist; the martyrs call him the Beast, a term he hates.

Serendipity Exists Only in the Mind Of Man.

There is NO coincidence with God - EVER.
There is NO coincidence with God - EVER. | Source

The Dairy – Part XIV – A Chance Encounter?

So much has happened since my last entry, I almost don’t know where to begin. It has been an extreme roller coaster ride of emotions, but I will try to describe the events in chronological order and end right where I sit today. Let me first say this: there are so many people out there that have helped us avoid the “law”. They have sheltered, fed, clothed and nursed us to their own peril. They have been our security system, transportation when needed and lied for us. I pray that God will remember their kindness towards us.

  • About two weeks ago our latest hiding place was raided when my wife and I were away. One of our host’s sons found us to warn us not to return and gave us an address where we might find temporary shelter. The underground is really becoming well organized much to our thankfulness. As we went on our way, we came upon a crowd watching a news broadcast on a large public screen near a still functioning major shopping center. (They are rare these days and only the “privileged” may shop or use its facilities) It was a live feed from a huge rally being held in Yankee stadium. The Beast and his personal flunky were live-streaming to the crowd from Jerusalem a message of encouragement, heavily mingled with hatred for any who would oppose his new world order. As we watched, right in the middle of his spiel, the two witnesses made a dramatic appearance out of nowhere, right in front of the Yankee stadium screen. The Beast’s audio feed was cut, but the networks were powerless to cut their live feed, audio included. We watched an incredible spectacle take place as the witnesses began their testimony. They were not kind but pronounced judgment of fire and brimstone for all who have taken the mark and warned all others of the inherent peril of following the Beast. An angry mob went berserk, both in Yankee stadium and in the crowd where we stood on the fringe, but it was what happened in Yankee stadium that silenced our crowd. Those who rushed the stage, were immediately destroyed by fire coming from the witnesses’ own mouths. A massive gasp issued from our crowd but in the stadium, it turned to bedlam as thousands rushed to escape with their lives. A pallor came over most of our crowd’s faces as they dispersed, but we felt a renewed energy and a new courage; God is absolutely in command.
  • A couple of days later at our new hiding place, we met a very interesting older gentleman who asked us if we would like to meet with the two witnesses. We were stunned but agreed quickly. Later, I would come to realize that this gentleman was more than likely an angel, sent to encourage us in our last days. How we got there and where would be an amazing story in itself but what we encountered changed everything. The two witnesses were expecting us along with several others gathered from all over the country for what I would call our “final” instructions. The biggest revelation we received was – these two are NOT men but angels that have been set aside by God for this time from the beginning. They can come and go as they please and no one can be allowed to do them any harm until the appointed day when their mission is finished. They are messengers with only two purposes: 1) to condemn the world of sin and 2) to witness to the power of God in both judgment and salvation. We learned that God has chosen the Seed of the Woman to be the messengers of salvation (us) and the time is short: we are to be about with boldness for our time is solely in God’s hands. From that moment on, we had so much energy, we could not contain it.
  • My wife and I immediately began directly but cautiously approaching “unmarked” people; she approached the younger generation and women while I targeted the male crowd. Three days ago she was talking to some young teens when she was arrested; I haven’t seen or heard from her since. At first, I was crushed but it wasn’t long before I became even more determined to do my part. A friendly face told me to watch out for the young ones, they are the worst, the most dangerous; they can give you an innocent look, but they are sold out to the Beast. A true throw-back to the Hitler youth of WWII. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe my last – but I will see my wife again.

Prayer From The Heart Of One Who Believes, Is Heard.

We may not see the fruit of our prayers, but this is NOT as important as praying.
We may not see the fruit of our prayers, but this is NOT as important as praying. | Source

The Dairy – Part XV – An Answered Prayer

Once upon a time there must have been a lockbox: I have no idea who started this diary or how many times it has changed hands, but this I do know: it has been one the best witnessing tools in the underground's arsenal. There are hundreds of names signed in this diary after the last post, of those who have read it and have been encouraged to both seek salvation and to take courage in these perilous last days. I am sure the writer is with Jesus and awaits the rest of us to join him and the rest of the martyrs who gone on before. We only have days left and I am writing this as most likely its last entry. The two witnesses are in Jerusalem and they are approaching the 1,260-day mark: the King is coming.

I will try to get this diary to one without the mark as a last gesture and who knows, maybe they and the book will survive the judgment. If not, it has more than served its purpose; my salvation is a testimony to that fact. May God bless the reader.

The Old Ragged Diary - A True Survivor.

A life changing testimony can come in many forms.
A life changing testimony can come in many forms. | Source

Editorial Note from the New Heavens and New Earth

The last of the martyrs were executed during the three-day worldwide celebration of the death of the witnesses. Those remaining came out of hiding and boldly began preaching in the streets and market places: they were murdered on the spot. It became a double celebration and the wined flowed freely…. until the witnesses arose from the dead and ascended to heaven as the world watched.

Judgment came in a torrent as the seven bowl judgments were poured out upon the earth, one right after another. Yes, the armies of the Beast assembled for a battle with the returning King of Kings: it was over before it began. Then those who had survived these judgments; those who had not received the mark of the Beast nor worshipped his image, were assembled before the Lord of Glory to be judged. (The judgment of the Sheep and the Goats) Those in whom the martyrs and Jews had found favor, were blessed by the Messiah and given an inheritance in the Kingdom; the rest were cast into hell. Clutched tightly in the hand of a blessed soul was a very ragged and war-torn diary of which he was allowed to keep.


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