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The Diary - The 144,000

Updated on February 6, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Woe To Those Who Are Blind To The Coming Storm.

Only a fool would say in their heart, all is well.
Only a fool would say in their heart, all is well. | Source

Preface III: The 70th Week Draws Nigh.

Preface for the 3rd installment of an end of days’ timeline.

  1. Israel’s land and infrastructure recovery are nearly complete; a person would have a hard time believing there had been a devastating war with massive carnage. The pilgrimage of Jews worldwide appears to be complete. It has truly become a gem in the Middle-East, for those who came up against them still lie in ruins, kept alive only by the generosity of the US, UN and their allies.
  2. A “youth” movement in Israel has stirred the interest of most other countries. It is not military or political in nature but appears to be rooted in a chosen few who are being set aside and trained for bringing the Jewish message to the world.

Nothing Like A Rally In The Park

Outdoor rallies can attract & are easy to slip away if it doesn't suit your fancy.
Outdoor rallies can attract & are easy to slip away if it doesn't suit your fancy. | Source

The Dairy – Part VII – The 144,000.

New Year’s Day 2025 – It has been a while since I have written anything, but a new year is ahead, and the past year has been super eerily quiet. (I shouldn’t complain) A lot of political wrangling and maneuvering resulting in some fairly significant changes to the UN and the whole international scene. Most of it seems be very agreeable and it makes sense in the wake of the Turkish Alliance coming close to starting WWIII. The security council at the UN has been replaced by a 10-member panel of governors or regents which are now responsible for monitoring their assigned regions to maintain stability in both the political and economic arenas. They are North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia/South Africa, Eastern Europe/Russia, Latin America, Tropical Africa, South/South East Asia and of course China. They are still working to get a consensus on a common worldwide currency but other than that they seem to be moving forward for the common good. NATO no longer exists, nuclear weapons, including tactical are no longer under an individual country’s control. Each region will maintain control over its’ own armies, air forces and navies: it seems like the terrorist mentality will just not go away. A lot of crazies out there.

Thursday - July 17th, 2025 – My Birthday. For the first time in nearly 2 years, I am really worried about what is going on. It has been too quiet for so long and I now think that it was a calm before the storm. I remember a time when it was Mormons or JWs coming to your door uninvited, but a new phenomenon is now happening – all over the world. Young male Jews, sporting a weird tattoo or something on their foreheads are appearing outside of schools, churches, sporting and concert events, shopping centers, airports, train and bus terminals: you name it – you will run into them. They are not “in your face” types but their message is brutal. Yesterday, I was just finished grocery shopping with my wife; when we went to our car, there was a group of them with loud speakers in the parking lot of the strip-mall where we had just shopped. My wife wanted to get out of there, but I stood there transfixed and couldn’t pull myself away. What I got out of it was, hold on, now listen to this – “believe and die or just die”. That is what I just heard. I have NOT been able to get any sleep, I don’t give a hoot about my birthday or any celebrating. My wife thinks I am making too big of a deal out of it and to get a grip. I am going to find another group of these guys (shouldn’t be difficult) and see if I can make heads or tails out of what their message means – TO ME!!!!

There Always TWO Ways To Take A Hard Message.

How one deals with disappoint makes all the difference in the world.
How one deals with disappoint makes all the difference in the world. | Source

The Dairy – Part VIII – The Message

The 18th - They were not hard to find; they were assembled in my burg’s version of Central Park and there was a large crowd listening to them. After listening to them, my head was spinning, and I had a lot to try and digest, but I will try to sum up what I, myself heard.

They called themselves of the 144,000 chosen by God. They were the fulfillment of the prophesy of Revelation 7 and they are to bring this message and no other to the world for the next 3 ½ years. No one will be able to stop them, silence them or harm them: they will complete their mission. They immigrated from most every country of the world to Israel when they heard the call of God. Now their missions are back to the countries from which they came, knowing the languages and the people. The 70th week of Daniel is now at hand (whatever that means) and there is no other hope than in their message from the God of Israel. (I found myself taking notes by this time) Some points for me to remember:

  • Judgment will begin once all the 144,000 are in the field (or mission)
  • The world will receive notice of it beginning in the form of thunder, lightning and earthquakes
  • Early judgment will be mixed with mercy, for God has called some here today to survive the beginnings of judgment to become Messianic Jews. (I thought they would call everyone Christians but that does not seem the case) They also called those who would receive their message as the Seed of the Woman???
  • The judgments will impact the whole world and they will only get worse and worse until the final wrath God against mankind and the violent return of the Messiah to execute the final judgment.
  • (This is the part that shook me to my very core) Everyone who receives their message will die as a martyr, but your place within heaven and eternity is secure. We were reminded that most everyone is going to perish in these judgments, only the martyrs will find peace awaiting them.
  • As a final note: those who would receive their message would not be left alone to cope with the days ahead, but many of the 144,000 would teach the converts to teach other converts which would bring comfort, for the days ahead will be trying.

I shared this with my wife, but she would hear nothing of it and thought I was a little on the loopy side. Maybe so, but I could not let this go.

Only a Christian knows the moment their burdens fell away.

Too much of the world still carry their sinful burdens.
Too much of the world still carry their sinful burdens. | Source

The Dairy – Part IX – The Decision

The 27th – A Sunday. This is the week, my life changed forever and ever!

  • On Tuesday the 22nd, the UN’s new council under the leadership of the North American regent, had managed to get the cooperation of all the other UN regents along with a vast majority of the individual nation’s leaderships to ratify a seven-year peace pact. This included non-aggression, economic cooperation and technology sharing. Israel was one of the signing nations and oddly stands aloof from the new UN charter.
  • On Thursday the 24th, I had suffered through a few terrible days because I could NOT put their message out of my head and about 2 am I got the final wakeup call. I was blown out of bed by the loudest noise I had ever heard, and I had served in the Marines around artillery too. The thunder was absolutely deafening and a light show to end all light shows was taking place in the skies all around us. I ran to the TV, turned on the news and was floored, for this was a worldwide event, EXCEPT in Israel. This began about noon, Israel time, but they have been spared the thunder and lightning. They also reported that several earthquakes happened in most areas of the world, none of any major consequence, but never before had so many earthquakes occurred at the same time; another worldwide event.
  • Later, almost as soon as it was light outside, I went alone, looking for the Jews; my wife wanted no part in this. When I found them, they were in the park again and a crowd was already there and growing. They were praying and praising God for displaying His power and that the time for judgment has come! They quoted the prophecy of Revelation 8 and told us that the clock is running, and time is short. Someone yelled from the crowd, “what must I do to be saved?”. Their answer changed my life that day; in most ways great but with some sadness mixed in.
  • They said, “Look unto Jesus, the Messiah and be saved. Ask for mercy and if it is sincere, He will give you the gift of repentance. Then and only then will you know the peace of God, that which passes all comprehension.” I dropped to my knees cried out, have mercy upon me Jesus. When I looked up I noticed two things: 1) I was not the only one on my knees and 2) I laughed. It was not because anything was funny but all the dread and misery that had assaulted my mind and senses for the past few years, seemed like a distant memory. I was truly free: thought of having to die for this feeling was fine with me. I have no idea what is coming, but I know that I am going to be okay with whatever comes my way. Praise Jesus.

Editors note: when Christ washed away my sins and as Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, the burdens I had been carrying fell away and joy consumed me, I laughed and had one the best night sleeps in a long time.

Next: Diary of a Martyr - Hell on Earth.


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