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Did God Really Create the poor?

Updated on November 26, 2014

People wonder if God really created the poor.

There are various claims that God did not create anyone poor but that the poor are poor because they choose to be poor or because of their inertia. Well, this is mostly seen in various religious teachings among others. Someone reacted violently to such comment on facebook. She claim people are ignorant of the truth that God created the poor so she posted various bible verses to support her comment and claim.

Some of the bible verses she posted supported that God created the rich and the poor. Even some verses are of the opinion that anyone who laughs at a poor man laughs at his maker. Then again, the story of Esau and Jacob in which God chose and blessed one above the other. There is also the parable of the rich man and Lazarus among many other bible verses.

Likewise, God is said to have selected some people to be kings while others will be their servants. That is why some people are of the opinion that God is unfair in distributing his blessing. Even some people claim there is no God because a just God won’t put inequality in creation or allow suffering on earth.

Some schools of thought and religious sects have tried to explain that man suffers because of his past sins in past lives or for other reason under karmic law. Then again, one would ask why one would suffer for sin one is not aware of in that one is not aware of what happened in one’s past lives. Then comes the concept of the soul and its reincarnation as the writer tried to explain in his book, “The formula for reincarnation: The rebirth equation.”

Whatever maybe the reason of suffering on earth or why one is poor, the maxim that God did not create anyone poor simply means that man by a strong will can change his situation. This is also true even among those who teach karmic law for they also belief that ones such debt is cleared under the law then the suffering will end. This they claim is by rightful living among others.

There are places in the bible in which God changed his mind because of the prayers of men. For instance, King Hezekiah rejected the message from God through prophet Isaiah that he prayed in such a manner that made God to change his mind. There is also the story of Jabez who prayed that God would enlarge his coast.

Therefore, the idea that God did not create anyone poor is to inspire and encourage man to work out his salvation or at least try.


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