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Did President Obama Climb Up On Calvary’s Cross And Died For Anyone?

Updated on March 14, 2015

Did President Obama Climbed Up On Calvary’s Cross And Died For Anyone?

I have heard and seen celebrities like Jamie Foxx refer to President Obama as Lord and Savior and one only has to peruse the Internet to see President Obama with a “Halo” over his head to signify the ‘Deity status’ he holds to many - but though this may be so among many in the Black enclaves, it is disturbing when those of us who call ourselves Christians also treat our first Black President like he is Christ Jesus. Many of us Black Christians seem to think that the Biblical moral rules that guide our Faith and how we should conduct ourselves in this life do not apply to President Obama, who, incidentally, says that he is Christian. Yet, I can recalled how vocal these same Christians were when President Bush, the younger, was in office for the supposed wrongs he committed; now, if the criticisms of President Bush were borne out of his breaching of biblical tenets, then ok… but why the bias on our part, by not criticizing President Obama when it comes to his rabid support for Abortion and gay marriage - two issues that are more Biblically egregious and wicked than anything President Bush, the younger did or stood for?

Somehow, it seems that many Black Christians behave as though President Obama is above Christ Jesus' laws, forgetting that if God did not spare the Israelites, whom He called the Apple of His Eye, for offering up their children to Molech (akin then to modern-day Abortion), why would He spare the descendants of Ham (Blacks like President Obama)? Make no mistake, the 50 million or so babies we have murdered so far through Abortion, a practice wholeheartedly supported by President Obama, is the modern day version of offering up our children to demons. When Cain murdered Abel in the Book of Genesis, did not God say that Cain's blood cried out to Him - how much more the blood of 50 million aborted innocent babies. Many of us Black Christians have heard President Obama's vocal support for Abortion, and yet with straight faces, we call George Bush, the younger, a murderer, mostly for his prosecution of the war in Iraq.

Black Pride has become an all consuming demon in the Black Body-of-Christ... it is because President Obama is Black why he can tell the world that he sees nothing morally wrong with gay marriage and many Black Christians say nothing, which is tantamount to tacit approval. Was President Obama given divine epiphanies to change the Word of God - moreover, did he climbed up on the Calvary's Cross and died for anyone's Sins, including homosexuality that Jesus deemed an abomination in Genesis 19? The grave problem with Black Christians not saying anything when President Obama is giving his flag waving support for and codifying gay marriage is that children and those possessed with that homosexual/lesbian demonic spirit feel no need to pray and ask God for forgiveness and deliverance. Now, if Jesus warned us that simply by looking at a married woman with lust in our hearts that we have already been judged guilty of Adultery... are you then going to tell me that a man placing his penis where the wasteful filth of the body comes out is morally ok, notwithstanding President Obama's support for such perversions of behavior and Scriptures?

Were you to ask President Obama is it morally wrong to cheat on our First Lady, he probably would say that it is. This too - Adultery - is forbidden in the Bible... so how come our President does not, apparently, feel the same way morally about gay marriage and Abortion? When the Biblical King David committed Adultery and murdered Uriah to cover up his adulterous affair, did he not ask the Lord for forgiveness, as manifested by many a contrite Psalm? Do you think that the great priest and prophet Samuel disagreed with God when the Bible recorded that his sons were wicked? Did King David disagree with God's moral rules when one of his sons raped one of his daughters or when Absolom tried to usurp the throne? Did the priest Eli, Samuel's mentor, disagree with God when the Lord whacked his two sons for doing all sorts of manner of evil in God's temple? On the same theme of illustrating that the moral laws of the Living God govern all aspects of our lives, we must not forget that the Lord also whacked Moses' nephews for worshipping idols and punished King Solomon for allowing his wives to take idols into His Temple - so tell me what makes President Obama so special?!

When it comes to the sovereign God, through His Christ, and His laws, I cannot pick and choose which one to obey or believe in. I say here that I am not better than my brothers and sisters who are gay or those who have had Abortions, but I also know that everything that is written in the Bible that the Lord says is morally wrong - is so, even if I or my children or siblings fall short of the Lord's glory. But when we do fall short of God's glory, we must also know to pray for forgiveness and seek deliverance if said breaches are borne out demonic influences. Brothers and sisters in Christ, are we not to look out for those who do not know the Gospel by telling them what behaviors are morally acceptable? One of the scariest passage in the Bible is when the greatest of the Jesus' Disciples, Peter, says that the righteous are barely saved and moreover, think of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus... the former who was burning in Hell for not giving the latter food out of his abundance. So then are we Black Christians going to escape Hell's fire for believing in Abortion or gay marriage, both of which are contrary to Jesus' moral laws or letting someone, even a Black President, perverts the plain word of God - did not God say to the prophet Ezekiel to warn them for me because the sinners' blood would be on his back?

ISIS has not reach our shores yet, I hope, but we, the Black Christians, beset with demonic racial pride, are still cowards in not saying what the Word says about certain behaviors. One only has to look on the portals of Social Media - Face-book, etc, to see that the Gospel has become a popularity contest... on account of the fact that President Obama has done grievous, Spiritual wounds to the Body-of-Christ and we are church-mouse quiet because he is Black. Can we kneel before Christ Jesus, on that Day-of-Judgment, and use President Obama as an excuse for quietly supporting his perversions of Scriptures and behaviors and allowing many to go astray? I tell you a mystery, if a Republican is elected President in 2016, the Black Christians on Face-book will find their voices and the criticisms will flow, because, once again, apparently, when the Lord said that He shows no partiality or that He is no respecter of any man... it did not pertain to President Obama. I end by conveying to you that one of the renowned Roman Patricians once employed a man to remind himself that he was but a man and not a god... today, the Bible that house the Living Words of Christ Jesus should do the same for Black Christians... reminding us that President Obama is but mere flesh and blood! I can hear it now from some Black Christians, even many at Calvary Cathedral of Praise, along with the secular hordes: blaspheme!


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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      Obamas cool. Health care is very humane.

      Nothing "sticks" to him but his critics go way way over the top and they wind up looking bad.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Oztinato, You like Obama? Then we can infer you like liars, blatant pathological liars, well at least one, this one.

      A symbol? non Aryan Anglo Saxon? That in itself is a lie. Have you forgotten he is half white, and therefore could possibly have been born with a white complexion? Would that have made him Aryan Anglo Saxon? It would have made him unelectable though because without that race baiting ability he would not have been able to garner the votes he did. Do you think 95% of blacks would have voted for him if he was white despite what color his father was? Al Sharpton's claim he wasn't an authentic negro like him would have ended Obama's career before it got started, if he was born with a white complexion as is possible progeny of a mixed couple.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      I like Obama.

      If you want analogies, he is like Brear Rabbit in the Briar patch. The tar can't touch him but everyone else gets tangled up in it.

      Obama is a symbol. He has done a lot but his mere presence as an identifiable non Aryan Anglo Saxon is HUGELY important as well.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      You are preaching to the choir... thanks.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Ahhh, but VP don't forget during the campaign, as far back as 2007, Joe Biden praised Obama to the hilt, by saying, essentially, "Finally we've got a clean, articulate black guy in our party running for president." Can you imagine if anybody else had said this?

      Sharpton heard it and remember Sharpton was originally in the Hillary camp. Sharpton was not on board Obama at first, and Sharpton got mad because, hey, Obama wasn't an "authentic" negro, like him, that Obama wasn't down for the struggle.

      And then we had that column in the LA Times saying that Obama was the quintessential "Magic Negro," Reverend Jackson said he wanted to neuter Obama, 'cause he wasn't happy. They raised this notion of authenticity.

      The LA Times wrote the column calling Obama the "Magic Negro." Back in 2007-2008, Sharpton was not happy, and a lot of the civil rights groups were not happy. They'd thrown in with Hillary, because Obama was a late arrival. He hadn't been "down for the struggle." He wasn't at Selma. He didn't have any roots there. Everybody was praising Obama as bright, articulate, smart, clean, and all that -- and these guys were offended running around saying it. It all started with what Joe Biden said about him, then Harry Reid said he had a gift 'cause he'd go from the Negro dialect to the not Negro dialect on a dime.

      Today Sharpton is the "Messiah's" go-to adviser, Joe Biden his "token" VP and Harry Reid, well Reid rhymes with greed and that stands for weed, it's time we weed this garden lest these weeds over run the crop.

      Really how can the black community embrace these hypocritical, charlatan politicians?