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Did you benefit from Ramadan?

Updated on June 24, 2017

Starting point

Going into Ramadan I had certain goals in mind, and I suppose most people do. Their usually between the lines of start praying all five times a day or giving up music or reciting Quran daily or in my case giving up unproductive time and utilizing it effectively and efficiently.

I’m sure every one considers Ramadan a fresh start in their lives. We enter into the month with certain decisions taking advantage of the month of glory. Taking advantage of Satan being chained, am I right?

But, most of all, hoping Ramadan changes us for the better.

So, what next?

Ramadan is here, many days pass, usually we find ourselves lounging on a sofa watching food recipe videos or hibernating in our bedroom until time to break the fast. What goals? What decisions?


The last 10 nights…

In the blink of an eye the last ten nights approach, and then a swift change into praying gear. Praying and repenting, striving so hard that when the announcement for Eid is made, fingers snap, Abracadabra! The spell of Ramadan is broken. All that time reflecting goes down the drain.

Back to bad habits? I hope not InshaAllah.


The Bright Side

This might not be the case for all of us, but most of us have been there, and of course, I’m one of them. But is that really how it’s supposed to be? Is this what Ramadan is all about?

A new start

Ramadan 2017 has reached its climax, what are you going to do about it? Is your boat going to sink or sail?

We can’t rewind time, but we can rewind intentions, reflect on them and learn from them what we did wrong and incline towards the right.


What are you going to do then?

Have you achieved the goals that you set out with from the start of Ramadan? If not, you still have time, but remember the clock is still ticking, start now and don’t regret.

I wish you a happy Ramadan and let us work hard so we are able to experience the real joy and happiness of celebrating Eid. Congratulations on your achievements!


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