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Discover Best Way to Start Your Day: Positive Attitude

Updated on December 5, 2012
How to start your day with a positive wake-up
How to start your day with a positive wake-up | Source

Is "How to start your day" a serious question?

How to adjust the fuel float on a 1978 Harley is a serious question. It can be answered. How to tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue is another good question. It can be demonstrated. But "What is the best way to start your day?" Come on, that's not a serious question. The best way for who? A masochist? Easy, just smash your alarm clock in your face when it goes off. Or how about for a prophet? Spellchecking today's list of heavenly edicts?

Now if you are asking yourself that question, that's different. You know what your likes and dislikes are. Your goals and ambitions. Your schedule and responsibilities. But to ask it as a general toss-it-out-there question - it's unanswerable. Want proof? Try to find any other Google query that will return 1,266,000,000 answers! Did you get that? ONE BILLION, 266 MILLION possible answers.

And you expect to get just the right answer for you? Sure why not.

What's the best way to start MY day?

How to start your day for different people. *See composite image components citation
How to start your day for different people. *See composite image components citation | Source

Which "Me" are you?

Obviously different folks will have different "best ways to start their day." There are the "go-getters - what can I accomplish today" folks, and the laid-back "hmmm, 15 more minutes" folks. Or the organized folks that know what their routine will be as soon as they open their eyes. And on, and on, and on. As mentioned, a billion possibilities.

So taking a look at a couple general types. maybe you might find your "best way to start your day."

A positive spiritual start to your day *See composite image components citation
A positive spiritual start to your day *See composite image components citation | Source

The Spiritual Person

A spiritual person's first wakening thought might be, "Thanks Lord for another beautiful day." Then a good routine might be:

  • Put the coffee on and grab a quick shower while it perks. (or drips)
  • Coffee and a few minutes of Scripture reading to prepare for the day ahead
  • Breakfast would include a few mental blessings for your bounty and possibly thoughts of someone you know that could use a prayer, or even be added to your church prayer list
  • Think about your day's schedule: any problems? Or any deeds of charity you might be able accomplish today?
  • Clean up breakfast and coffee, put the scripture away, and look around to see if you have forgotten anything
  • and then... out the door, it's your day and your routine.

An ambitious way to start the day *See composite image components citation
An ambitious way to start the day *See composite image components citation | Source

The Achiever and Go-Getter

Eyes wide and hand to the alarm clock as soon as it goes off. Racing thoughts of the day's to-do list and things that need to be fit in. Coffee was set to auto-brew so it's off to the shower. Then...

  • Coffee, Day-Timer, and note pad in hand, it's time to review what needs to be done, scheduled tasks and appointments.
  • Check the email and jot down a few "wanna do's" to try to fit in.
  • Stuff the briefcase, grab a couple energy bars, coffee in a car-cup, and out the door for another great day of "Get 'er done"

"What is the Best Way to Start Your Day?" is different for everyone

Those are just two of an almost infinite number of types of folks that would find the question "What is the Best Way to Start Your Day?" to have completely opposite answers. And they illustrate why you can find over a billion different suggestions.

But... it is possible to find generalizations that could work to answer that question for you, and most people, without having to weed through tons of specific answers that just don't apply to your lifestyle.

*Of course these ideals are based on the premise that you haven't overslept, or the dog hasn't jumped up on the bed whining with an urgency to go out, or the house isn't burning down around you.

*See composite image components citation
*See composite image components citation | Source

A few basics...

1. When you first wake up - take your time...

  • Don't bolt out of bed in a frenzy. If you like to hit the snooze and snuggle back under the covers for five more minutes - do it. **Caveat: This is a debatable point, many other sources recommend just the opposite - no snoozing.
  • Do a couple stretches and flexes. No, not the kind you do before exercising, but the kind that loosens up those sleeping joints and muscles. The kind of stretches you see sleeping cats do when they first wake up. Get your body ready to transition from motionless slumber to the motions of moving. Like, getting out of bed.

2. Start your day with positive thoughts...

  • If you have something you are really looking forward to, it's easy, but even if your day will be fraught with negative things or distasteful tasks, push those thoughts aside and find a positive thought to start your day.
  • There will be plenty of time to dwell on the "bad" parts of your upcoming day, (if there are any), so before you get out of bed, find something positive you can look forward to. Even if it is only the thought of how relieved you will be to get through the bad stuff.


3. Take a morning shower. This tip works for everyone. A morning shower is...

  • a great way to invigorate and wake up both your body and mind
  • symbolic, it's like the final cleansing of yesterday's issues and preparing yourself as a clean slate for a new day
  • makes you feel good, and gives you time to just enjoy getting ready for the day while the world outside the shower curtain is kept at bay.

Note: If your morning routine includes an exercise regimen - obviously if comes before the shower.

4. Have breakfast, it has both health and mental benefits.

  • A breakfast will not only provide needed fuel for the day ahead, but will also get your metabolism going. One more step towards getting your engine running on all cylinders.
  • Eating breakfast, as mentioned, helps your body's metabolism transition from the fasting mode of sleeping, to the working mode of activity. Which brings sugar levels back to active normal, increases blood flow, and makes you more alert
  • The process of eating breakfast also provides more time to contemplate and plan the day ahead. Get the mental gears turning.
  • It is also a beneficial symbolic mental process. Like the workman that prepares for a job by strapping on a tool belt, you are mentally preparing yourself for your new day by strapping on the energy your body - and mind, will need.
  • Breakfast doesn't have to be a major thing. Of course it can be a full country-style breakfast if that is what you like - and have time for, but it can also be as simple as a bowl of cereal, piece of fruit, or granola bar. It is the concept and action that is important, not necessarily the content. Within reason of course. A candy bar might not be the best choice - even though it would work the same.

5. Make a plan for what you will need to do today...

*See composite image components citation
*See composite image components citation | Source
  • Whether you have two minutes, or twenty, take a moment to get yourself organized.
  • Think of things you need to have with you today. Paper work, phone numbers or other note-type information, etc. etc.
  • Remember to leave any notes or instructions for other household members - if appropriate
  • Double-check things before you leave. Coffee maker and other stuff turned off. Pets fed, etc. etc. (you know, the things you think about when you are miles away)
  • Grab that positive thought you had earlier, put a smile on your face, and go out and greet the world with the self-assurance that you are ready.

Some Specifics...

Those were just the basics that will help anyone get the best start on their day. As for other specifics on the best way to start your day... well, you will have to do a topic search that is specific to you, but here are some frequently mentioned ideas.

  • Leave your curtains or blinds half-open so that you will awaken to light of a new day
  • Set your alarm clock 15 minutes early so you can start your day with the luxury of being able to hit the snooze button
  • Spend a few minutes listening to some favorite music, or reading inspirational or motivational quotes
  • Think of something you are seriously grateful for
  • Write something in your journal
  • Take a walk in your yard or garden. You know, "... smell the roses."
  • Spend 5 minutes in meditation, or doing meditation exercises
  • Straighten up your home environment: make the bed, take care of any dirty dishes, etc. getting your morning world in order will give you a sense of accomplishment that you can carry with you out the door as you greet your new day - a head-start mentally.
  • Before you leave, take a look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you're ready for what ever comes your way.
  • Layout your wardrobe for the day - the night before. It is one less decision to make in the morning, and will give you a mental boost knowing you are pro-active.
  • Take a new route to work.
  • Make a to-do list while having breakfast.

Morning Yoga Exercise and Meditation videos

If it's part of your routine, you might like these video resources for morning yoga exercises, and meditation music. Both actions which could be a part of your "Best way to start the day" routines.

Note: If you find them helpful, be sure to click on the "full-screen" icon on the video bar to get the best viewing area.


About the Author

Writing for the Daily Constitutional, and commentary from the Curmudgeon's desk - GA Anderson

"Seeing it does not make it real, and reading it does not make it true. Use a little common-sense and trust your instincts." - GAA

*Composite image component source citations: Creative Commons images,,, *photo and image source credits: divider and separation images -


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