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Discussing Man In Poetry

Updated on May 22, 2019
The0NatureBoy profile image

Elijah's 1976 New Birth sent him on a quest to understand life's how's and why's, now he shares his findings with any other curious man.

Man Are

Will we ever understand what man truly be,
that we're the total of the personalities in man we see?
Do we not realize man is a plural word
and to make it a single gender is so absurd?
Does it really matter? Are we truly satisfied
that one gender is called man, with pride,
and the other belittled called woven from them,
saying, from the first gender the other one stem?
No! Not I who have discovered what a whole man be
and would share with you what I have found in me.

I find that though I'm masculine I'm just as feminine too,
with 148 more personalities determining what I do.
I'm the Whiteman, that sly, cunning, destroying one,
the Redman who knows living in nature is free and fun,
still I'm Blackman, the developers of sciences and math,
and Yellowman, the starters of the territorial and family path.

There's one me who loves and another one who hates,
one who is a giver and another who only takes.
I'm a character who is ignorant and yet I'm wise,
I'm selfish and greedy when knowledge is the prize.

I'm the hermit who wants to live his life alone,
yet enjoy the company of others, though not for long.

There are those who rule me whom I despise
because the ruler in me dormant lies;
some with critical eyes sit in judgment over me
since self-adoration makes me too blind to see.
There's police and correctional officers I need for control
because self-discipline is for man who are whole.

The artistic me sculptures, paints, and makes things rhyme
while the student me in learning spends its time.

Who is complete without being a philosophy
or teacher inspiring others to understand what they see?
Are man complete without the ability to orate
or hold back shy, afraid to participate?

I must be a Yogi to learn my body from within,
sit in contemplation to understand where I've been,
I'll bend and stretch my body to keep it elastic,
with a control over my organs that's simply fantastic.

I hate characters in others, the ones I hate in me,
desire to kill them, mirror breaking so me I don't see;
there are others I love and want to cling to all my life,
being dead in me I and need to awaken them as my wife.

Judge me materially and I'm the poorest of the poor
but the knowledge I share is a wealth, that's for sure.
I can't stay limited like those called social man,
I discover for myself the Zeroversal plan.

To leave one character dormant I can never be free
because I'll depend on another to be it for me,
I'm to balance them all within me, one to the others,
knowing all that's in others are friends and brothers.

What are man except complex machines
separating and uniting to accomplish the schemes
of Karma, Reincarnation, Supply and Demand,
destroying for the reproduction the resources of the land?

I'm all the characters most man despise
because wisdom isn't seen through physical eyes.
I'm the best and worst of man who were ever an incarnate,
I produced heaven and created hell, every man's fate.
Man are both god and the devil and they both are man,
we're the maintainers of the opposites of the Zeroverse's plan!

Man's Plumb Line


Do you stand for your principles though others reject you
and not reject others for living the life they want to?
Will you listen and reason with concepts not your own
and explore, solely for the understanding, things unknown?
Can you reject parental teachings that experience prove untrue
and be responsible for the outcome of all the things you do?
Are man of the other ethnics and gender an equal in your sight
and, though destructive, are the acts of others their right?
Do you accept the abilities of others as abilities within you
and the workings of machinery your body's ability too?
Can you make the distinction between want and need
and discipline yourself to abstain from selfish greed?
Are all things that are, to you, what they're made to be
and not good nor evil as you were programmed to see?
Can you look upon nudity and not be drawn to lust
and is the smell of your own body an acceptable musk?
If yes answered them all there's no need to say I'm man,
for others recognize it by the straightness of your stand!

Confusiion In The Specie

There is man and woman of the same species
but no deer and wo-deer or bees and wo-bees,
so why, when speaking of deer the words are only four
but for man one is confused and one is added more?
Deer's genders are buck and doe with their offspring being called the fawn;
man's are boy and man, girl and woman and offspring child causing confusion.

I've read where it is written man claim it's whence the woman came,
but understanding what I read I see that both should be the same.
It read, god created male and female, called their names Adam, man, and him,
but the boys, forming the family, caused confusion in separating them.

What gender was the Adam from which the rib was taken
who renamed what it saw woman the moment it had awaken?
If it was the boy who looked upon a seen in a dream girl
wouldn't the same happen with the girls in beginning a later world?

Records were kept and taught only by and to the boy
so he degraded the girl to be only for his sexual joy.

When one thing is made is not its opposite made also
since all that is was made with an opposite, don't we know?
Then, if the girl taken from the boy caused him to call her woman
isn't the boy whence came the girl left only a part by the operator's hand?

Think of the operation as a dream received while asleep
to tell him the desire would leave only half of his nature to keep,
but awakening and seeing the girl he gave her the name
of taken from man as both genders should be titled the same.

Male in another language has the meaning of man;
the fe in female means wages paid to a laboring hand,
and by it confusion was once again to man brought
by the female and male meanings we all are taught.

Again look to the patriarchic teacher who, with pride,
sought the equality of the two genders to hide
by exalted himself above the other forms of life,
and made the girl to be his pleasure slave, his wife.

Once boys had no place in the caring for their young
so after starting the family they created for themselves one
by teaching each boy to keep dependent his girl
which made them boys' pleasure slaves all over the world.

Since many generations have passed since it all began
how it got started has now been forgotten by man.
In the patriarch's records are left a few signs,
which interpreted, will aid the questioning minds
who add what's written to what is known of today
to transcend the confusion of the existing way.
To them one gender will not be superior to the other,
every ethnic will be the next ethics' brother,
each gender will do what is biologically right
eliminating selfishness and the gender wars we fight.

Have we not noticed what happens with crossed species,
there's no reproduction of their young, nature decrees.
Take the mule, a cross between the horse and the ass,
they have their mating times but no offspring comes to pass.
Then how are man a species but alone no young can they bare,
or woman another species and the very same fate they share?
It's the girl's ovulation which is the boy's call to mate
and during most of the those times an offspring is the fate.

Life will be so simple when all man are as one
with both genders equal as in other species it's done.
Then mating will be done within our natural season
and not for sense gratification which is man's reason.

Pure and simple is the natural law,
all encompassing and without a flaw
in providing each being according to its need
leaving no room for personal and selfish greed.

To hold what's written as true and not reasoning how or why
leaves man in confusion and all of us believing society's lie!

Man The Superior

My rights as a life are taken from me
since the superior being I am said to be,
but restrictions were added which I'm to obey
such as spoken boundaries in which to stay.

A deer can enter Canada or cross the Rio Grande
but I can't without ID and money because I am man.

Birds fly where they will and shit on our head and hand
But for me to defecate I must hide because I'm man.

It's called incest if man mate with sister or brother
while other animals go on to mate with father or mother.

Deer and rabbits eat from gardens, squirrels from any tree
but to fulfill our bodies' needs in jail is where we'll be.

How, then, am I superior to the other animals as a slave so true,
staying where you say and working not for me but for you.
I come when you speak, leave at your word, and shit where and when you say!
Yet I'm superior with limited going and from where to eats, sleep or stay?

Man The Beast

Who are you, oh beast, who call yourself a man,
destroying without reason,
breeding out of season,
running to and fro placing claims upon the land;
without a cause
changed nature's laws
placing barriers, seen and un, where you can?

How did you become the beast feared by animal kind;
killing without measure,
claiming it as pleasure
by what you call man's superior mind;
by doing nothing good,
won't though you could
bring harmony to the earth and make it subine?

Why have you placed you upon a throne?
Free cultures you smother,
force them into another,
enslaving them and calling them your own;
destroys the mind
of other mankind,
killing them or make them string along!!


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  • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    6 months ago from Washington DC

    Brother Venkatchari, that was why I placed hem in that order, it's like everything else, it grows over time and I wanted show how instead of growing in understanding we man digressed into ignorance.

    Thanks for reading it and your comments, come again idc you like.

  • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    6 months ago from Washington DC

    Thanks Manatita. That is why I live such simple life, I want things simple and without much clutter. Most of my scriptural interpretations I attempt to encourage the readers to think rather than just listen.

  • Venkatachari M profile image

    Venkatachari M 

    6 months ago from Hyderabad, India

    A wonderful discussion of man, Elijah. I enjoyed it, especially, the first part of it. You described the different parts and qualities of man, all his limitations, drawbacks, weaknesses, and finally his foolishness and ignorance.

  • manatita44 profile image


    6 months ago from london

    Thank you. I commend you. Your answers are getting more lucid. Simplicity is always the way. Jai to the Absolute. Gratitude.

  • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    6 months ago from Washington DC

    Sister Angela, I'm only doing what I'm told, I amen longer controlling my actions since the my August 6, 1976 new birthday, I surrendered ever fiber of existence to spirit and have been punished for not obeying spirit's change of plans so I would know when spirit changes its directions I am to follow the changes, it sees what I don't.

    Now, this information is like "fire shut up in my bones" that want out so I'm following the directions given.

    Thanks for reading it and your comment.

  • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    6 months ago from Washington DC

    Brother Manatita, as the introduction say, those are my musing concerning man. I put out what I understand for those with the necessary incarnations to use it, the rest will be deaf ears.

    They are not new, so far everything I've posted is 1980s writings from my webpage where I have about 90, two written to me by a couple of girls. Only "Adam And Eve, A Sonnet" is new. Also have one or two poetry pieces in my LetterPile account under "natureboy0". I think all are featured except one want to touch up before posting it.

    For the past few days I've been following in inner guide's, as usual, directing me to do them in the middle of the night so I obeyed the call and allow it to direct how many to post. I am sort of like the Buddha, I sit in meditation and obey the directions that comes to me.

    Thanks for reading and c commenting.

  • Angela Hoffberg profile image

    Angela Hoffberg 

    6 months ago

    Excellence. When one becomes and understands all that, a new birth has been born. I only have difficulty with the "yoga" part since that can backfire on the immature not in gestation.

  • manatita44 profile image


    6 months ago from london

    Well, well. I liked that one! You do have some talent as a poet. Actually, in some places it's quite clever too and I especially loved the second stanza. Of course your views are your own and some what impactful, thought-provoking. But overall, I liked your piece.

    Write a few more ... just make them a bit shorter due to the depth of the pieces, but overall they remain true to the theme.

    In Rome, you know, or just let's say that in order to live, we need to fall in line with the Romans. My teacher used to say that we spend our time going three ways in life:

    1. We go society's way.

    2. We go our own way.

    3. We go God's way, which in fact incorporates much of society's way, as wisdom teaches us.

    As to some of the other things you say, some things are necessary for different folks. Different strokes for different folks. At an enlightened stage, however, we gradually drop what we don't need. One can say loosely, that the spiritual life is to move towards all that makes you strong and to move away from that which makes you weak.

    Consciously or unconsciously, we are building defense mechanisms necessary to live. Still, we need to leave room for those who are where they are and like the camel, allow them to continue to eat thorns even while the mouth bleeds. I haven't gone past that stage. Life's perfection road is very long. Ok, Bro. I liked your piece. Good work.


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