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Divine Glory - What It Truly Is - (Poem)

Updated on August 2, 2011

Written 06/28/09 - Poem


Father forgive me, For my hideous ways.
I seek Lord Your Glory, In all of my days.
For all those times, That I fail to be.
What it truly is, That You ask of me.
Forgive me Lord, When I fall short.
Pardon me in, your Holy Court.
Father God I needn't, Any fortune or fame.
Please allow me nothing, That could bring You shame.
Heavenly Father, Please help me to see.
The very true blessing, Of Your company.
Lord let me never, Dishonor your name.
For sinful deeds, Let me never be to blame.
Lord may I never, Stumble and fall.
For You and Your Glory, May I always stand tall.
Whenever I enter, Any a new place.
Lord let Your Glory, Be evidenced on my face.
Heavenly Father, You reign from up above.
Pouring upon me, Grace, mercy & love.
When I am worn, Or tired or weak.
May it always be, Your strength that I seek.
Yet when I am vital, Healthy and strong.
May my eyes be on You, *And my heart not go wrong. or (Right where they belong.)
From the begining, up until the end.
From one to another, May our Holy love send.
In great comfort and ease, May I never bask.
Lest I lose sight, Of your divine task.
When I'm crippled and broken, And in need of a friend.
I know that You will be there, My heart You'll always mend.



In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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    • Jimm Bacon profile image

      Jimm Bacon 6 years ago from Florida

      Thank you

    • Webster Fields Jr profile image

      Webster Fields Jr 6 years ago from Alvin, Texas

      I love to see a heartfelt cry to God for forgiveness and change. I guess because I need to do the same. Keepup the good work.